All About Presports

Alanna Roberts. Period 3

Definition of presports

Presports is something to get kids ready for sports when there older. when you get in 7th grade you can be in sports that's what presports is its helping you get better in a sport. Its not only getting you ready for sports but it is also teaching you about health we do that on health day and I will get to that in a minute.


These are the expectations in presports. you should always have good sportsmanship to other teams and not be criticize the other team. You should always cheer on your team to win or to finish. One of the expectations is to listen to your coach and listen to what shes teaching you. And no stealing.

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What we do in presports.

One thing we do in presports is we dress out. he clothes you are required to wear is a gray tee-shirt and blue gym shorts. When you dress out you need to have a place to put your clothes. That's why we have lockers all lockers must have a lock. Grading is a little weird you get 80% if you participate in class. And 20% for doing wok on health day. Health day is usually going to be on Friday. On health day we don't dress out. We usually work out of our health book. Those are some things we do in presports