Mid-Year Review

Chemistry,Earth History,Infections Disease

Chemistry -8.p.1-understand the properties of matter and change that occur when matter interacts in an open and close container.

-Physical Properties:A characterization that you can change with out changing the composition of the substance.

-Chemical Properties:A characterization that you can only observes by changing the identify of the substance.

-Physical Change:when it changes color,shape,size,smell, and texture.It involves any time of change but chemical identity.

-Chemical change:Any change in matter that results in the formation of new chemical substance.
-Elements-Building blocks of matter in Atoms.

-compounds-substance for when 2 or more elements or chemicals.

-mixtures-combination of 2 or more substance.

-Groups-Groups are the once going horizontal.

-Periods- Periods are the once going down/vertical.

-Metals-on the left side are the metals.

-Non-Metals- Far right are the non-metals.

-Metalloids-Have a little of both Metals and Non-metals.

-Atomic #- The # that tells you the number of electrons and protons.

-Atomic Mass-The mass of an atomic particle.

-Protons- Is a part of what makes the atom.

-Electrons-The other part of the atom.

-Neutrons-The last and final part of an atom.


Earths History

Law of Superposition-States the age of the rock.

-Index Fossils-A fossil that lived over a short period of time.

-ice core-To find the temperature and climate back when the ice core was on top.

-Geologic Time Scale-Its made up of three parts, the first one is Paleozoic Era, the next pne is Mesozoic, the last one is Cenozoic Era.

-Relative and Absolute Dating-Relative is when they compare the age of the rock to the rock layer.

-Half-Life/Radioactive Decay-Half life is the time it takes isotopes to decay.Half life is about=3,730.

Radioactive Decay-The time it takes a fossil to decay.

-Vocab-Index Fossil,Geology,Ice core,Absolute dating,Relative dating.

Infections Disease

-Microorganisms-Includes Viruses,Bacteria,Protozoa,Fungi,and Algae.

*Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasite-Virus is something you can get.But it needs a host cell.

-Bacteria-Made up of single cell.Something you can get and give to someone else.

-Fungi-Its living You can get athletics foot.You can prevent it by washing your hands.

-Parasite-Its living move from one organism from a other. (Also known as a vector)

-Epidemic vs. Pandemic-Epidemic is where a disease only spreads in one small area.On the other hand Pandemic Is where a disease spreads world wide.

-Prevention/Treatment-You can prevent any kind of disease by washing your hands, not touching your face,taking showers,and vaccines.

-Biotechnology-The use of living cells to make useful produces.

*Careers-Careers can be an animal or person that has the disease and spreads it.

*Agriculture, Medicine, Economy-Agriculture helps to plants/animals and many more thing grow faster.

-Medicine-Helps make vaccines and many more.

-Economy-Help create more jobs so more people can work.

-Vocab-DNA,Cloning,Genetic Engineering,Bio-Remediation.