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Week of March 6, 2023

Letter from Mr. Nelson

Cougar Nation-

Better safe than sorry. It is an excellent adage to live by today, whether about schools, homes, traffic, or even social gatherings. When you err on the side of caution, few can argue with what you plan, postpone, or prevent.

Enter yesterday’s cancellations regarding the Storm of the Century. We canceled all afterschool activities, indoor and outdoor, as a precautionary measure influenced by the threat of severe thunderstorms and even a tornado warning. Well, depending on what area of town you live in, you might have thought it a tad much to postpone so many events and activities for what amounted to a 45-minute rainstorm. However, if there is even a tiny chance that any community members could be harmed, we will do everything we can to keep them safe. So, sectionals got canceled, soccer games were postponed, basketball games were rescheduled, and a slew of clubs were scratched, but everybody was safe and sound and able to watch the light show from the safety of their back porch.

Green Tech/Dual Language Meet n’ Greet:

On Wednesday, we welcomed about 475 families and students to campus for sundaes, good vibes, and choice sheet instructions. We had no idea how many to expect and were completely overwhelmed by the turnout. It is a tremendous testament to what we are doing here in Smallville and an even larger testament to what all of you are saying about us. Because of you and your student’s experience here in the hallowed halls of Smallville, we had an unprecedented year regarding applications for our Green Tech and Dual Language programs. The word on the street, and from your mouths, is that we do a good job taking care of kids and making sure they feel happy, like they have worth, and are thriving. We know this is the most challenging time of a young person’s life and have the staff and skillset to help them navigate it successfully. However, the secret to our sauce is that we know it is not us who guides them to be better humans exclusively; it’s you. You have crafted the kid and empowered us to help you teach them.

We thank you, and the recruits of Smallville Nation also thank you.

Spring is in the air. Seven more days until we say “Tag, you’re it” and then you can have all the adolescent Spring Fever you want in spades.

Matthew Nelson


(512) 841-6705

Family Trivia Night!!!!!

Join us for a fun Family Trivia Night sponsored by the Small MS PTA! Flex your brains and win prizes by answering trivia questions with your team (no more than 5 people on a team.) Teams can be a combination of students/parents/friends/teachers/siblings. We will be asking a wide range of fun questions so it is great to have young and older people on your team.

There will be a very short PTA meeting starting at 6:30pm with Trivia to follow at 7:30pm. Pizza, drinks, and snacks will be sold. Cash only.

Register your team by March 20th -

**Each team will need an electronic device which can be a phone, tablet, or laptop.

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Attendance Procedure Change

To streamline the attendance process and create a better more efficient system we will be implementing some changes. Starting Monday, we will only accept electronic emails to for attendance notes along with the electronic google doc. Paper notes will no longer be accepted. Thank you for your support as we transition to this new system.
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Dear families,

It only takes a minute to support our ESL program so that our Emergent Bilingual students get the equitable learning resources they so much need!

Please CLICK ON THE LINK and donate as little or as much as you can. Thank you!

Cougar Tennis Team Tryouts

Tryouts are open to all 7th and 8th grade students.

Must be passing all classes

Students must have had a physical before tryouts.

All online paperwork must be filled out.

Students must wear appropriate clothing, including tennis shoes.

A limited number of rackets will be available.

7th Grade - March 6 and 7 - Plan to attend both days

8th Grade – March 8

When: 4.00 – 5.00

Where: Small tennis courts

If you have any questions, please contact

Jill Burgess -

Parents of Small:

Each year your child(ren) attend an AISD School, they must be pre-registered for the next school year. Online registration is an integral part of our campus’ success (funding and appropriate staffing as well as updated contact information).

Please be sure to log in to your Parent Portal and confirm your child’s information via the Online Registration tile.

Thank you for being a part of the Cougar Community and helping us win together!

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Counseling Corner

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23-24 Choice Sheets

Please visit our Small Counseling Website for all details on due dates, courses, and more. Choice sheets are due the week of 1/23.

Unknown Incoming 5th Grade Info

Is your student zoned to Small next year, but they don't currently go to one of our feeder schools? If so we are looking for you! You are one of our "Unknown Cougars". We know you are out there, but we don't have a way to communicate with you. We have put together a list of things you should know...

Choice Sheets: It is time to turn in your choice sheet for next year. Please go to our Counseling Choice Sheet Page. There you can learn more about what we offer, print a choice sheet and fill it out. Please turn it in asap to our front office. If you have any questions about the choice sheet, contact our counselors,,

Transition Events: We are offering some summer transition events to make sure your student is very comfortable coming to Small next year. Save the date...

  • Cougar Camp: (Kids only) July 31st & August 1, 2023 This is a 2 day, 1/2 day camp
  • Scavenger Hunt: (Parents and Kids) August 3rd, 2023 11 - 1 PM
  • Parent Camp: (zoom) August 3rd, 6 to 7:30 pm

Communication Tools: You can get lots of information in the following places.

  • This newsletter ;) - If you want to get it in your in box every week, Click here
  • Our Website - Keep an eye on the Calendar and take a look at our FAQ for incoming families. It needs a little updating, but there is a lot of good info there.
  • Parents of Small Facebook - Join here, Ask questions and get answers from other families from Small.

STAAR Tests are coming

Please make sure your student has a charger for testing season. If you need one you can order them off of Amazon see the link below.


Every chromebook comes with 1 charger. If your student loses that charge, you must purchase a new one. We do not have extra chargers in the office to loan or give out.

Click here to purchase or see what charger you need for the school chromebooks.

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We're returning July 10-14, 2023 and Applications are out! Use the QR code on the flyer to apply today for Camp NAWIC 2023. We will be accepting 24 first year campers and 16 returning campers. Applicants will receive notice of acceptance or waitlist status by the end of April. Apply today!

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Order a yearbook online!

Our yearbook is a full color celebration of everything that makes Small special; it's a great fun way to preserve all your student's fond memories of Small. The price is now $40. Get your yearbook today!

Click here for the easy link:

If you have any yearbook questions, please email Mr. Shoptaw at

Thank you to our Gold Sponsors

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