Unit 5 - Les Couleurs

French I - Summer 2014

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La Cinqième Semaine

Bonjour and Bienvenue to Week 5! We have officially passed the halfway point ! Hourra! This week students will work in Unit 5: Les Couleurs. In this unit we will discuss adjective agreement and placement, the irregular verb avoir and the francophone country, the Ivory Coast. Assignments due this Friday, July 18 include:

* Speaking 1A
* Writing 1C
* Discussion 1C
* Writing 1E
* TPR Quiz
* Writing 1F
* Speaking 1F
* Section 1 Quiz
* Writing 2D
* Section 2 Quiz
* Writing 3A
* Section 3 Quiz
* Unit Exam

Zeros for Week 4/Unit 4 have been assigned. There will be another progress report on Tuesday, July 15. Students are encouraged to submit as much work as possible before this report is due!
We covered a LOT of information in our sessions last week, and this week will be no different! Now that we have moved beyond the basics, students are able to express more complex ideas. It's important that students continue to attend live sessions to improve their skills! The schedule for this week's live sessions is as follows:

* Sunday - 7/13 @ 8pm with Mme Lovelady-Alfonso
* Tuesday - 7/15 @ 7pm with Mme McDaniel
* Wednesday - 7/16 @ 8:30pm with Mme Padgett
* Thursday - 7/17 @ 10am with Mme Miller
* Sunday - 7/20 @ 8pm with Mme Lovelady-Alfonso (Unit 6)

To get the most out of our live classroom sessions, students should reflect on them each week. What did they learn as a result of the session? What questions do they still have? What topics would they like to review further, or in greater detail? After reflecting, students should communicate their strengths and weaknesses to the instructor to help us tailor instruction to students' needs.
Navigating the digital world can be a challenge, but technology doesn't have to be a problem! If students experience technical difficulties they should contact their instructor for help. If after troubleshooting with the instructor the problem persists, the NCVPS Virtual Help Desk is the next step.

To open a new ticket, click the title above (help.ncvps.org) and click the button to open a new ticket. See the image below:
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Next, fill out the form. Click submit and the someone will respond within 24hrs!
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You can check on the status of your ticket at any time! Just visit the Help Desk website and enter your ticket number and email to check for updates!

Nos Couleurs Favorites

Section 1 - Mme Elizabeth Lovelady-Alfonso

"J'aime regarder le ciel (the sky). J'adore la mer (the sea). Les Schtroumpfs (smurfs) make me laugh! Mon film préféré est Avatar et my favorite dining buddy est le monstre de biscuit! (Cookie Monster) Evidemment, ma couleur préférée est ....BLEU :-)"

Section 2 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"J'aime manger les épinards (spinach) et les choux de Bruxelles (Brussels sprouts). J'adore regarder les feuilles (leaves) et l'herbe (grass) au printemps et les sapins de Noël (Christmas trees) en hiver. J'aime acheter les vêtements avec de l'argent (money) et mon héros d'enfance est une grenouille (frog) qui s'appelle Kermit......c'est vert (green) que j'adore!"

Section 3 - Mme Karen Miller

"Ma couleur préférée se presente aux fêtes Noël (Christmas) et Le Jour de Saint Valentin (Valentine's Day). C'est la couleur de l'amour (love) et de la vie (life). C'est la couleur du coeur (heart) et la couleur du coucher du soleil (sunset). Je préfère la couleur ROUGE (red)!"

Section 4 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"J'aime beaucoup les raisins (grapes) et l'aubergine (eggplant). J'aime sentir la lavande. Je plante souvent des tulipes violettes dans mon jardin. Mon héros de l'enfance était Barney...Oui! Ma couleur préférée c'est la couleur violette (ou pourpre)!"