Johnny Appleseed

Elizabeth Williamson TAG LA 1st Period

Johnny Appleseed's Real Life

John Chapman was Johnny's real name. He was born on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts. Chapman began planting trees at eighteen. He introduced apple trees to areas of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. The folk story of Johnny says that his planting of the trees were random, but he actually went back to sell off the orchards that he had planted in real life. People called him "the apple seed man," therefore, creating the name Appleseed. John is said to have learned many Indian languages, and he always looked poor but had more money than he could handle. He refused to use banks, so he buried his money. He wore no shoes, even in winter with snow on the ground. It is also said that he most likely did not wear pot on his head, but a hat or one made out of cardboard. John was very religious and loved reading the bible. He died on March, 18th 1845 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Folk Story

Johnny Appleseed plants his seeds at random, just flicking them onto the ground at random almost. He wore a pot on his head and always carried around a bag full of apple seeds from Cider Mills.. Appleseed never wore shoes; he would even trudge trough the snow in the winter barefoot. He never killed any animals for food, he was very against that.He always looked like he was poor and was often called "the appleseed man" by many; creating the folk lore name Appleseed. His goal was to create so many apple trees that no one would ever go hungry.