Lineville Technology

Trenton Carey

Typing Web

  • In Typing Web, you type words and sentences
  • This will help you get better at typing
  • Typing Web really helped me with my typing
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  • In iTrailer you make a movie trailer and it is really fun
  • I made one and I think it was the most fun thing we did in technology this year!
  • Also, I made an iTrailer about my little brother being an evil person

Career Locker

  • Career locker is a website where you find out what career might be best for you
  • It helped me find out what career is good for me
  • The website said that a cop would be good for me and that's what I picked

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is where you make a presentation about something
  • you can do lots of things like, adding your own background, making as many slides as you want and more
  • This subject was really fun!

Explain Everything

  • If you use Explain Everything you have made a good choice
  • In Explain Everything you can make something like a presentation
  • There are cool things like light sabers from Star Wars

Hour Of Code

  • Do you like programming games? Than this is the right thing for you!
  • In this program you get to program things! My favorite thing to program was a flappy bird game and it was the best game ever
  • I like programming computer things so this was really fun to me

Email Etiquette

  • In Email Etiquette you have to pick an email topic and email it ti the teacher and the teacher will tell you if you did it right
  • I am good at emails so I got it right the first time
  • This was a good unit but was not my favorite