The Hippie Movement

Garrett Cotton, John Joyner, Maurice Howard, Noah Chiarelli


A person in the 1960s who rejected violence, war and desired only a counter-culture lifestyle. They rejected traditional values of the time such as religion, marriage and a day to day job in favor of what was a life style expressed through what was known as free love and expanded consciousness usually expressed by wearing very casual clothing, headbands, beads, long hair and frequent use of drugs such as LSD and marijuana.

How Hippies Dress?

Hippies generally wore either sandals, or bare feet. They wore lots of tie-dye shirts, and bell bottom jeans. They also usually wore beads on their neck.

How Did Hippies Act

Hippies acted peacefully and thought that violence was very unnecessary. This is why they strongly disagreed with war. One of their famous sayings was " Make love not war."

Why Did They Protest

Hippies protested for a number of reasons: they wanted a cleaner environment, better racial relations, no violence and perhaps the most common one, world peace.

Why Are Hippies Not As Popular Any More

The hippies have gotten less popular as the world has gotten more and more liberal.

Where Were Most Hippies Living

There was a significant population of hippies in California and New York one of the most famous festivals was in Woodstock, New York It was known as the "Woodstock Festival".

What Drugs Did Hippies Use

Hippies used LSD, Heroin, marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs.

What Jobs Did Hippies Have

Hippies normally had no jobs or if they did they had very low paying jobs. This resulted in most hippies being very un-wealthy.

Were There Any Famous Hippies

Joan Baez had begun her career in local Boston coffee shops but, then became one of the most popular folk singers of all time.

Bob Marley was a very well known hippie he was popular for his reggae music. He also clearly believed in everything a hippie would this is one of his quotes- “I don't stand for black man's side, I don't stand for white man's side, I stand for God's side.”- Bob Marley

Steve Jobs had a short period of time in which he was a hippie the period of time was between 1974-1976 through that period he was 19 through 21 years old.


Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds by universalmusicenterprises