Canada In 2060

How will Canada look like in 2060?

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- Introducton -

Today in 2015, Canada has the population of about 35.7 million people. About 5.8 million Canadians (16.1% of the population) are at least 65 years old today. For the first time, Canada will have more elderly people than children. In 45 years, it will be the year 2060. How will Canada be like in 45 years? So much can happen! There can be proof of aliens, life on Mars, a cure for cancer, there could even be a new colour! We don't know what will happen for sure in 2060 until it is actually 2060. However we can guess based off the past and present.

-- immigration --

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Current Immigration:

Approximately 250 000 immigrants come to Canada every year. The top three countries that provide us with the most immigrants are China, India and the Philippines.

A few of the main types of immigrants that Canada excepts are economic immigrants, family class immigrants and refugees.

Currently there are about 165 088 economic immigrants, 66 659 family class immigrants, 23 286 refugees and 5 367 other immigrants.

Immigration 2060

Lots of people want to immigrate to Canada because it has many pull factors. Canada is a developed country that has plenty of job opportunities, great health care, a huge supply of clean water, and diversity.

I think that the immigration rate will increase by the year 2060. There is a need for skilled workers to contribute to Canada's economy. Also, since people don't want to have many kids in Canada, the immigration rate will probably stay steady and not drop. Canada relies on immigrants.

In 2060, the country that most immigrates to Canada might change from the Philippines, China and India due to wars and need for refuge.

-- demographics --

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Current Demographics:

Population: 35.7 million
Median age: 41.7 years
Population growth rate: 0.76%

Birth rate:
Death rate: 8.31
Natural increase rate: 1.98

Total fertility rate:
1.59 children born per woman
Life expectancy: About 81.67 years

Demographics of 2060 - Prediction

Birth Rate
: About 8.35
Death Rate: About 7.1
Natural Increase Rate: 1.25
Population: About 43 million

I think that the birth rate is going to get lower, as many women in Canada don't want to have lots of children. There isn't a need anymore for really big families in a developed country. I predict that the death rate will be a bit lower since there will be better medical care and technology to reduce the amounts of deaths.
Also, I predict that the population of Canada will be around 43 million in 2060. The population of Canada was about 21.32 million in 1970 (45 years ago) and now is 35.7 million. That is an increase of 14.38 million people! I think the population might increase by 7.3 million in the next 45 years.
Lastly, the aging population population will grow in the next 40 years. But, it will start dying off near 2060 as the baby boomers get very old. This means that the children population will start balancing out with the adult population.
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-- first nations --

Aboriginal Population:

Aboriginal people currently make up 4.3% of the Canadian population. This number is expected to grow in 2030 by 5.3% of all Canadians. The aboriginal population has increased by 20.1% from 2006 to 2011. The rest of Canada has increased by 5.2%
Around 28% of the aboriginal population is aged 14 and under

Future of First Nations Communities:

A big proportion of the aboriginal population are kids under the age of 15. In 2060, they will all be at least be 60 years old. By that time, they will hopefully get what they were promised when their land was taken.

I think that in 2060, the aboriginal children will have proper education and good schools. I think that the number of students who graduate university will increase by a lot.


My life the year 2060:

In the year 2060, my life will be so much different than the life my parents currently have in Canada.
To start off, the population in 2060 is going to be much higher, which means that the demand for resources is only going to increase. The gas prices are going to go up, so the way of transportation is going to be different. Most people will probably have to take trains, subways and buses to travel. My parents don't to worry about that right now. My dad drives to work everyday, but I probably won't if I have a job when I am 60. It would be too expensive. More people will become more aware of global warming and encourage taking public transportation.
Another thing that is going to be different is the types of professions. Right now, the types of jobs there are include doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers etc. But in 2060, there will be more jobs that are related to new technology.


In conclusion, the year 2060 is going to be so different from today. The immigration, demographics and first nations are going to change. Which country immigrates most to Canada might be different, the demographics will definitely alter and hopefully the first nations will face positive changes. Forty five years is a lot and so much can happen by that time.