Anne Frank

By Max Dulam

About Anne Frank

Annelies Mary Frank was born on the 12th of June in 1929, Frankfurt, Germany.The Franks were Jews and they lived with many Jewish and non-Jewish people around the community. Anne was one of over a million Jewish children that died, and awful death, during the holocaust. She grew up with her sister (Margot) and her mum (Edith) and dad (Otto).

The Secret Annex...

When Hitler seized power in 1933. So her and the rest of their family fled to Amsterdam to stop the on growing persecution of Jewish people. All was fine until Nazi Germany invaded Holland. Anne was given a diary on her 13th birthday which became her best friend. when Margot received a notice that she would be forced to go to a labour camp in 1942, the family decided to hide (The Secret Annex). Anne recorded all of her thoughts and memories in her diary. Like having arguments with her mum and falling in love with Peter Van Daan. One of the things she hated the most was being stuck away from the rest of the world. All hope was shattered in 1944 when police raided the secret annex. Anne was arrested and sent to Westerbork transit camp. She was then transferred with the others to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Then with Margot to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She died of typhus in March 1945, just a few weeks before British troops destroyed and liberated the camp.

Why She Went Hiding

Anne and her family went hiding because of the rapid growing of persecution and anti-Semitism that was going on back in Germany. At that point they did not really know about what would happen if you were Jewish and you lived in Germany Edith Frank originally migrated from Amsterdam in the early 1800's so she had a place to go to. Things got worse more and more Jews were sent of to camps (re-educated). They did not want this to happened so they stayed hiding for as long as they could.

Stages/ Timeline

12 June 1929

Anne Frank is born in Frankfurt, Germany to parents Otto and Edith.

30 January 1933

Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. One month later, following an arson attack on the parliament building (Reichstag), Hitler introduces that he abolished every other party so he would be in power for a long time.

20 March 1933

The first concentration camp in Germany opens, at Dachau.

24 March 1933

The Enabling Act is passed by the Reichstag giving Hitler powers to rule by decree.

Summer 1933

The Frank family moved to Holland to escape the growing persecution of Jews in Germany.

1 September 1939

Germany invades Poland. Two days later, Britain and France declare war on Germany. World War Two begins.

10 May 1940

Germany invades the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

12 June 1942

Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday.

5 July 1942

Margot Frank receives a call-up notice from the Nazis to return to Germany to work in a labour camp. The next day, the Frank family go into hiding in the Secret Annex above Otto's offices. They are joined by the Van Pels family one week later.

16 November 1942

Dentist Fritz Pfeffer joins the Franks and the Van Pelses in hiding in the Secret Annex

4 August 1944

The annex is raided by the security police following an anonymous tip-off. All occupants and two helpers are arrested and sent to Westerbork transit camp.

3 September 1944

The occupants of the annex are transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp on the last train to leave Westerbork.

End of October 1944

Anne and her sister Margot are transported from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

March 1945

Anne and Margot both die of typhus only a few days apart. Bergen Belsen camp is liberated by British troops on 15 April.

30 April 1945

Hitler commits suicide as Soviet troops close in on his bunker in Berlin. Eight days later, Germany surrenders to end World War Two in Europe.

Otto Frank was the only occupant of the Secret Annex to survive.

25 June 1947

Anne's Dad knew that his daughters dream was to become an author. So he decided to collect all of her pages in Anne's Diary and try to publish it. Anne's diary was first published in Dutch. It has now been translated into 50 languages and is one of the world's most popular books.

The Short Life Of Anne Frank