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Weekly Newsletter (Back to School Edition)

From the Desk of Mr. O'Shea

We're Getting Closer!

It's Almost AUGUST and you know what that means!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. Let me start by welcoming all our incoming 9th graders, newly enrolled students, and transfer students. We are excited to have you and welcome to our Knights family!

The office will be mailing out information the first week in August to the homes of incoming freshmen about the first day of school. (Wednesday, August 25th). This is our Freshmen Orientation Day and only incoming 9th graders will be attending on this date. Check your mail beginning in August for this information. All other students in grades 10-12 will begin school on Thursday, August 26th.

This newsletter is all about Back to School Information. We strongly encourage all parents and students to read through it and let us know if you have any questions.


The link below will give you access to the High School Supply List for every teacher and class.


The link below shows the detailed calendar of events for the 2021-2022 school year.

This document is a live document and changes from time to time. It is NOT advised that you print this. We will keep a link to this document in the newsletter and on the website for your reference.


We will run the first day of school (Wednesday, August 25th) with 9th graders only. All other students will report to school on Thursday, August 26th. Parents of incoming 9th graders expect to get a letter with more details in early August.

9th Graders ONLY (Freshmen) first day back is Wednesday, August 25th

Otsego High School will start on the first day with FRESHMEN ONLY. Our goal is to provide each freshman with a supportive environment that helps ease his or her adjustment from junior high to high school. Incoming 9th graders will be grouped and paired with a teacher to provide a comprehensive Transition Program that enables each incoming freshman to feel comfortable and connected to their new Otsego High School family.

We hope to provide each incoming 9th-grade student with:

  • Building mentors that are available to meet with and communicate to freshman.
  • A support group that consists of student advisors, faculty advisors, and academic counseling.
  • An ongoing orientation to high school that enables students to become familiar with its physical layout, policies, procedures, programs, traditions, and personnel.
  • A comfortable environment that allows the student to relax during his/her demanding day.
  • Frequent monitoring of academic progress.
  • A mechanism for increasing students' awareness regarding academic and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Articulation of his/her freshman goals for high school.

All other High School Students: 10th (Sophomores), 11th (Juniors), & 12th (Seniors) first day back is Thursday, August 26th.

Can't wait to see all of you soon. #OneHeartbeat Go Knights! #TheOtsegoKnights









Below are ways to connect with us and to have access to updates and communications from us. Please remember that we desire two-way communication and encourage everyone to reach out to us and ask questions, voice concerns, and give feedback. Thank You.

1. High School Website CLICK HERE The Otsego High School website will more effectively highlight what is important to us and the community. We keep the high school site updated with pictures, news articles, and other important information regarding the district and the building.

2. Twitter (follow @otsegohsoffice @OtsegoAthletics or @KosheaOHS)

High School Dress Code

The Otsego High School and Junior High School student dress code supports equitable educational access and is written in a manner that does not reinforce stereotypes.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

The purpose is to create a positive culture with clear expectations every day, everywhere.

School Safety Information

Information regarding how we train and prepare to handle situations that threaten the safety of our students and staff as well as protect your children to minimize the harm an outside threat could cause should they come to our school.