Reason for seasons

By :Brian Ventura

question : part 1

1.what cause day and night is earth tilt because it caused on side get more direct sunlight than the other side. takes the earth 24 hrs to complete a rotation and the earth tilt is 23.5 degrees. takes 365 days to complete a revolution and casue the seasons.

4.the two reason we have seasons is earth tilt and revolution.

5.its always the opposite season. doesn't experience near the equator. the summer its longer days and in the winter its shorter days.

8.summer the longest day and winter is the shortest days and its the first day of the season.

9.its the first day of the season and springs states in march and and fall in august. the north pole the sun never sits down and in the south pole the sun never rise up for six mouth for north and south pole becasue the sun point at the north pole for six mouths and the opposite for the for the south pole.

11.its is 12 hrs.

12.the season will be different.

question part 2 :

13.the seasons will be off the and be mess up the system.

14.yes it will.

15.the seasons will be a hotter.

16.yes because if its cloudy so no sun so your shadow will be short. the clodes of the season or the hottest.

18.the season will go by faster.