Technology Update

The Fastest Way to Reach Carlos

You will notice on line one there is a link for Hangouts with Carlos. You can use this to connect Carlos through your Moriah Email account.

  1. Click on the Green Hangout icon

  2. On the Hangout page select the people icon

  3. Type in Carlos’s name

  4. A small chat window will open allowing you to chat directly with Carlos. You can use this from your phone (iOS and Android) or from your computer. Hit Carlos up with a quick text for emergencies - things that prevent you from teaching in this exact moment.

  5. For non-emergencies you can reach Carlos at

Carlos on Hangouts

Reserve Your iPads!

  1. Go to MoriahIT

  2. Select “iPads!”

  3. Complete the Google Form

  4. Carlos will bring your iPads to you at the requested time. [Please allow at least 24 hours to prepare the iPads].