Jessica Avery

About Me

I am from right outside DC in a city called Rockville in Maryland. In my family I have my mom, dad, brother and sister. My brother Drew, is 18 and my sister, Megan is 12. I think that the most important people in my life are my family members. We have all been through so much together and they are some of the funniest people that I know.

In school, I have always been more of a more traditional academic school subject student. Art has never really come easy to me, so I am hoping that this class will give me some strategies to use in my own class that all types of students, including those like I was, will enjoy art and not feel intimidated by it.

Early Childhood Education

Ever since I was young, I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher- partly because of my 4th grade teacher. My 4th grade year was one of the best because my teacher was such a wonderful lady that made everyone feel welcome in the classroom and saw the potential in all.

My teachers would give me their old worksheets that I could use for pretend teaching when I was playing at home. It was not until I worked in a day care that I used to attend that I knew that I wanted to be an early childhood teacher. I think that kids just say the funniest things and bring such light into the world. I also love that most students still really like school at the younger ages which makes them more fun to teach.