The Search for Bridey Murphy

Past - Life Regression

Morey Bernstein

  • Skeptic about hypnosis before seeing it performed in his own house
  • Learned to hypnotize by practicing on his wife
  • Began healing through hypnosis

Ruth Simmons ~~ Virginia Tighe (1923-1995)

  • Began by bringing Ruth back to ages of six, four, and one
  • Convinced her to go back to an even earlier period of her life
  • Brought back to Bridey Murphy

Bridey Murphy

  • Ireland -- 1806
  • Family
  • Vocabulary
  • Christianity and Death
  • Other Life


  • Lived near an elderly Irish woman
  • Pronunciations were off
  • Some subjects are more susceptible than others
  • "The older I get, the more I want to believe in it." -- Tighe


  • Life was chillingly accurate to 19th century Ireland
  • Bernstein maintains that she had a past life


Popular songs at the time -- "For the Love of Bridey Murphy," "Do You Believe in Reincarnation"

Come As You Were Parties

Movie -- 1956