You want it, we GOT IT!

Our shop sells the best hoodies, shoes, clothing and accessories for teenagers.

Come shop at S.M.O.A.C.E located in Staten Island, New York we are selling all your favorites. Our main products are hoodies and shoes. But we are selling graphic tees, bucket hats, phone cases, to hair accessories. Our graphic tees have your favorite celebrities on them. From Nicki Minaj to Tupac. But don't get me wrong, we do have regular graphic tees with animals, symbols, phrases and etc. Our bucket hats can be customized!Hoodies can be customized! Shoes can be customized! You have to order it online. We have all types of phone cases; not just for Iphones. Hair accessories are a MUST HAVE. If u want it, WE GOT IT! Come to S.M.O.A.C.E


Hoodies- $30-60


Bucket Hats- $15-$30

Graphic Tees-$4.99

Phone cases (Iphones, galaxies, and LGs)-$1.99

Hair Accessories-1.99

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Extra Information

Monday-Friday: 6am to 11pm

Saturday-Sunday: 10am to 9pm

Every Saturday were having 30% off

Were also having free giveaways; going to the first 10 customers on Friday. Gifts will include Ipads,accessories,cupcakes and etc. The top giveway are our hoodies and shoes


Our competitors are The North Face and Jordans/Nikes. Everybody owns a North Face jacket/coat and everybody owns a pair of Jordans and/or Nikes. They're a threat to our hoodie and shoe line. Bucket hats and accessories can be found in any store! You can come to us and get everything you want in ONE!