Join us on our dream vacation!

By Errol Kelly


Considering that this is an all inclusive cruise that is 25 days, this, as you may guess, will be extremely expensive. The price for everything will be:


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What about the weather?

As the cruise proceeds, you will continue to be updated with weather reports. Considering the fact that we are going to be in the southern hemisphere, there's a high chance it will be extremely warm.

Where will we be?

This 25-30 day cruise will take you to a number of places. First, we will leave from Miami to a number of Islands which are:


The Bahamas


George Town, Cayman Islands

María la Gorda, Cuba

Why? What?

This cruise is intended to relieve all people of stress and provide a poise environment. What this also means is you will be given the opportunity to partake in any activity you choose, or, you can be left alone to relax and find peace.

What do we provide?

This dream vacation was put together to ensure that all of those who partake on it will have the time of their lives!

With that being said, this cruise will provide 25 days worth of housing, limit-less food and drinks. We also have performances that will occur throughout the duration of the ship along with activities that allow the crew members to converse with one another.

Additional Information

At each stop, we will stay overnight. This allows you to indulge yourself into a different derelict and culture. With that being said, we will ( as previously stated ) continue to provide shelteer for you throughout our stops along with food.
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Still not sure? Contact us!

We operate 24-7 all week!

- You can call us at 888-555-5545 For answers to any of your questions

- You can go to out HQ located in Downtown Atlanta on 89th St.