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This short video will make you HAPPY, I promise!

The quote at the end states it perfectly:

Happiness is experiencing the present moment, because the present moment is when you realize you're truly alive.

Thanks, Terri, for sharing this with us!

Happy Kids Africa - Pharrell

Checking for Understanding

We all need a few extra items on our bag of tricks, right? Download this list of 53 quick ways to check for understanding in the classroom. I think you find that there are some new ways that you can see if the students are understanding the learning.

i3...Innovation in Instruction...great opportunity from PD department!

From Kelly Curry....

Hello Ladies!!

Please join me in learning how incorporate technology in your classroom. The district will be providing several sessions over ways to use the ipads/computers in your room to get your students motivated and engaged in learning! Below is a list of the sessions that will be presented:

-Digital Feedback

-Keep Calm and Collaborate

-The Art of Communication

-Connecting Classrooms Virtually

-Here’s Technology! Now, What?

-Stop! Collaborate & Listen

I went to a training last week and there were some great ideas being talked about for all grade levels! More descriptions on each session will be available on sched. at Please let Betsy know if you are interested in any of these and a sub will be provided for either a morning or afternoon session. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Walkthroughs and Learning Plans

Today during our PLCs, we discussed our organization for walkthroughs and coaching sessions. This is the link to the Google Form that we will be using when we are doing the walkthroughs. There is no action related to this form. We just wanted to share what we will be looking for when doing walkthroughs in your classroom. Ralph and I are looking forward to working with each of you! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. We will be referring to your plans in SchoolNet to help guide our observations.

Atomic Learning

Take a look at this great new site for online professional development. If you have a specific need such as learning how to use google drive, there are short videos and tutorials.

Something to think about...

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Packing Up

Our dismissal routines are running smoothly now, so one thing I want you to think about is the time it takes the students to pack up. They are beginning to learn the routines, so if they only need 5-7 minutes to pack up, only give them that much time to pack up. I have seen some teachers use the extra time for read aloud, character building reflection time, fact pratice, or quick brain teasers. This is a perfect way to transition and keep the students engaged. It is vital that our students are learning and engaged up until the bell rings. Many times we will see off task behavior when there is too much down time. We are looking at the structure of the bells. We are finding that we may not need the 2:55 bell? Thoughts?

Have you finished Inside the Magic Kingdom? Remember the meeting with Dr. Morrison is Tuesday!

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October, what?!!

September 28: Spirit Committee Meeting at 3:30 in the Library (only for Spirit Committee Members)

September 29: Book Study with Dr. Morrison at 3:30 in the Library

Spring Creek Night

September 30: Betsy Off Campus PM

October 1: Betsy Off Campus AM

October 2: PLCs--Discussing MAP Data with Intervention Department-Jennifer Thomas

Food Day! Office Staff Provides Lunch

October 6: Picture Day

Staff Meeting at 3:30

October 7: Parent Conferences 5:00-8:00--ALL STAFF

October 8: Parent Conferences 7:30-12:00

Afternoon OFF