Chinese Inventions: Silk

Tyler Nelson & Siraj Mahmud


One day a Chinese Princess found a Silk Worm and pulled the Silk of of the Insect she relised that the silk was strong, long, and very comfortable. China started to weave the silk to gather and make clothes out of the Silk. When other countries heard of the soft clothes China was making, they also wanted some Silk Worms of their own. So when travelers went in and out of China they were check to so if they were holding live Silk Worms in their property and if they were found with silk they would confiscate the silk. One traveler was smart enough to put the Silk in his hollow walking stick. When other countries got the silk, China was forced to lower their prices. Next is a video and a map of the Silk Road

Silk Worm

Silk Worms produce Silk. (WELL DUH!!!!!!!!) Below is The Life cycle of a Silk Worm


Silk is woven it:

  • Clothes
  • Rugs
  • Paintings
  • Hats


Here some examples of clothing made out of Silk







Silk helped China by giving their culture a new twist and evolve their clothing style

Silk Road

On the Silk Road they traded cultures at the same time as trading simple things like metal, clothes.
The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9