Rainbow Falls

our geocity project

About Rainbow Falls

Our city has a bunch of stores such as Rainbow Luscious which has wonderful ice cream and is a rectangular prism ,and next door is also a rectangular prism and is called Fabulous Rainbow Loom Bands and that's where you can get rainbow loom bands and everything you use for rainbow looming. On top of the ice cream store there is a cone with ice cream on top of it. Also, there is a grocery store called The Colorful Foods Market which has every food you can imagine and it is a triangular prism. The Cakery is a cylinder and has cake but not just cake cupcakes and chocolate and every single treat. Another store is called the Colorful Yarn Barn which is a craft store it's a triangular pyramid and you can come to this store to get stuff for crafts. The Rainbow Shape tower got its name by being covered in 2-d shapes. On the very top is a sphere covered in glue. Lastly but not least is a rainbow cube which is called the rainbow buffet. Come to our city and we guarantee that you will have fun.

Reasons of Rainbow Falls

The colorful rainbow on top of the pink block is our monument that represents Rainbow in Rainbow Falls. Our national park has a giant blue pond and a water fall that drips down the rocks. The water fall represents falls in Rainbow Falls. That's how we got the name Rainbow Falls.