Andrew Jackson

He might not be the person you think he is

The "Trail of Tears"

Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee Indians off of their land with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. On the trail, the Indians suffered extreme climates, starvation, and disease. On the trail, about 4,000 Indians died. These deaths were at the hands of Andrew Jackson.

The Nullification Crises

During Jackson's presidency, South Carolina nullified the "Tariff of Abominations" and threatened to secede from the United States. In response, Jackson had Congress pass the "Force Act," which allowed him to use the US Army to force South Carolina to pay their taxes. He also threatened to hang John Calhoun, his own vice-president.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson used a spoils system to appoint his friends and political allies to federal offices. He created rotating appointments so that he could give more jobs away.
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Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President