How to Survive a Blizzard

This poster will show you the steps of surviving a blizzard

Made the one and only me, Allen Shen

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How to survive a blizzard/snowstorm

This is my article on how to survive a blizzard.

Preparations -

1. Stock up on anyone resources (canned food, water, blankets, batteries, blankets, radios, etc.)

If you are in a car-

1. Pull over!

2. Stay inside the car, or you could get frostbite and get lost.

3.Eat things with some sugar to give yourself some energy.

4. Make sure to stay active, clap your hands, snap, kick your legs, etc. and keep the blood moving.

5. Do not fall asleep - you could fall asleep and get unconscious, resulting in slow moving blood.

6. Make sure to turn the engine on every few 10 minutes so the engine doesn't stall.

7. If a shelter is within sight, run quickly toward it.

If you are outside -

1. Find a shelter as soon as can, or you could get frostbite in 10 minutes or so.

2. Find a corner or somewhere with a roof and insulate with blankets, clothes, anything.

If you're inside -

1.Stay inside!!

2. Stay away from windows and glass, as the power of the snow could shatter it.

Tips in general -

1. Keep your cell phone with you - if someone is at somewhere different during a blizzard you can contact them.

2. Stay away from all electrical objects! If you use one, it could shock you!

3. Have a shelter and stay in it at all times.

4. Wait a few hours after the blizzard ends to go outside.

5. Stock up on food, water, flashlights, batteries, blankets and some radios - you never know what might happen!


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