Personality Profile

Who Am I?

Hobbies: Football, Pingpong and Pool

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Movie: Fast Five

Likes: Cars

Also likes: Anything with a Motor

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Extrovert vs. Introvert

I am 49% extrovert and 51% introvert.

22% Intellectual

20% Leadership

19% Energy

19% Insights

18% Management skills

My Birthday 7-17-2000


I have caught many fish in my lifetime like 4 30'' catfish. A ton of blue gills, bass and perch.This year i'm trying to catch a Northern Pike.


I've never shot anything but a few baby Mice. I'm not a big fan of hunting.


I know a lot of things about the Packers, but there is one important thing... THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!!
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