The Cay

Author: Theodore Taylor

Willemsted Curacao

The book takes place in Willemstad on the Island of Curacao, During World War 2.

The Cay

Phillip is a boy who is on a ship that gets torpedoed and washes ashore on a island and meets a Black man named Timothy , helps and be come's Phillips best friend and take's care of him until the castaway arrive.

The Theme of the book is Death, Friendship, Journey

The Book conflict is man vs. man. I chose that conflict because it take's place during world war 2

The Character's

Quote and Precept

Quote and Precept

Pg.14 " you'll be safe if you do what we tell you to do. Don't leave the yard again today."

Precept "Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current"

I chose that quote because it's saying to never give up and never stop trying


"If there is no struggle there is no progress"

I chose that quote because I feel like Timothy had gone through it taking care if Phillip.

Creed - with arms wide open (lyrics)