Lizbeth's Digital Journal



I believe Ishmael's fathers quote is what keeps Ishmael going. In the novel it states that when Ishmael was very little his father used to say, "If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die." What his father was trying to say was that when you have hope all is well, but if you don't have any hope there is nothing left for you to live for. This motivated Ishmael to keep trying to survive and to never give up.

How Ishmael escaped death

Ishmael has escaped death one too many times. He has escaped about four times now. First time he escaped death was when the rebels invaded the village and the had to flee to somewhere safe so they went towards the forest. The second time, well they had been starving for a while so I wouldn't really call that escaping death, but it could be since they were basically bones for the most part. The third time could be when they were so starved that they risked their lives to go back to the invaded village for food. As they were on their way they heard the rebels coming so they crawled on the floor to keep going. One of the guys dropped their bag and went to go get it back, but it was too late. And the sound of the thing he had dropped in the bag was extremely loud so obviously the rebels had heard and saw the group so they captured them and took them back to the village. They were all held at gunpoint. Later, the rebels heard gunshots from the outside and went running to check who had fired the shots. From there Ishmael and his group once again fled to safety.The fourth time was when he was starving he ate these berries he didn't know if they were poisonous or not. He just so ravenous at that moment very moment he didn't care at that point. That could count as the time he escaped death because he could've died from eating those berries, but he didn't.