Monday Memo

Barbers Hill Elementary North

Week of October 17 - October 21 , 2016

Announcements: Denson


CBAs & Eduphoria & Data Spreadsheets

Please make sure that when you scan your answers documents in Eduphoria you have checked it against your hand graded test. We want these scores to reflect a student's level of mastery. Please make sure your scanned documents have misbubbling corrected as well. You can still take points off the CBA for misbubbling but we want Eduphoria to reflect a student's mastery of the material and not misbubbling.

When entering CBA data to your data spreadsheet we want the original grade without corrections BUT with misbubblings corrected. Data spreadsheets = Eduphoria grade

Dress Code Reminders

  • Tights/workouts pants: must have a shirt that is fingertip length
  • Jeans cannot have holes or frays (students don't want frays are so we have to teach them)
  • Boy's hair: will not extend below the eyebrows, below the ear lobes, or below the top of a t-shirt collar. Corn rows and/or dreadlocks are permitted if they meet the aformentioned lengths.

We are sending home a reminder Dress Code letter to parents on MONDAY not Tuesday. We want to make sure this communciaton gets home.


Please keep in mind that recess is only 15 minutes. Some teams use this as an incentive and that is excellent, but let admin know so that we are aware of any special cirucmstances. (Ex: 5th grade uses Fridays as an incentive for AR)


Monday October 17th

New Hire & Mentors Meeting 4:15 @ Library


Terra Nova Testing - 2nd Grade & 5th Grade

5th Grade & 4th Grade SWITCH CCAMPS TIMES

No visitors for lunches for the entire campus

Wednesday October 19th

Terra Nova Testing - 2nd Grade Only

No visitors for lunches for the entire campus


Math CIA Meeting 3:30 @ HS

Thursday October 20th

Science CIA Meeting 3:30 @ HS


  • October 24th - 28th = Red Ribbon Week & Can Food Drive for Stu Council
  • October 24th = Staff Meeting 4:15 @ Library
  • October 25th = Progress Report Go Home
  • October 26th = Life Skills to Pumpkin Patch
  • October 29th = Fall Fest
  • October 31st = Halloween Dress Up Day
  • November 1st = LPAC Meetings - 4th grade Field Trip - Cavarretta Hall
  • November 2nd = School PIctures Retake
  • November 3rd = Lockdown Drill & 4th grade Field Trip - Ponder Hall
  • Novemeber 4th = End of 2nd Six Week & Fire Drill
  • November 7th = Team Leader Meeting 7:15 @ F132
  • November 9th = 2nd grade Field Trip - Children's Musuem
  • November 8th = Department Head Meeting 7:30 @ Conference Room
  • November 11th = Report Cards Go Home & Veterans Day Programs
  • November 14th = Staff Meeting 4:15 @Library
  • November 15th = 4th Writing & 5th Math Benchmark
  • November 16th = 5th Reading Benchmark
  • November 17th = Fundraiser Kick Off & 6 Weeks Assembly in CCAMPS - moved here due to Veterans Day & Fundraiser
  • November 18th = Birthday Potluck in Cafe - Group 2