Welcome to open house!

Jeremy Heyer

Earthquake PBL

During this project we had to create a house for Tony Stark. We were in groups with our table and construct a "house" for him using straws, toothpicks, clay, and string. We all had different jobs while we were constructing the house, for example the supplies person obviously managed the supplies. We tracked our progress through daily journals, which the filmer person records. Our driving question was: How can we, as structural engineers , construct a two story house in California, that will withstand seismic activity? Our design was to use a lot of clay to keep the house attatched to the floor (plate.) However we did not have enough supplies to create the walls.

Invention Convention

During this project we had to create something that could solve a problem with global climate change. I created a small wind turbine so more people can have them and not just big corporations. We were allowed to work in groups to do this. I chose to solve the problem of our degrading fossil fuel reserves.

30 Hands

During the thirty hands project we used pic collage to make 8 slides and filmed our voice. We did this project on climate change and and global warming and how it will affect animals and how it will affect humans. We learned what global climate is and we also learned about what global warming is and what we can do anout it. I enjoyed that we had a lot of time and how we did not have to present. I also liked that we got to use our ipads
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