Bulling,Privacy, Safety & Strangers

How to stop it bulling

You can stop bulling by telling your parents, your teacher, family or family friends you can even tell your best friends and they should and would be there for you.

The worst bully is the cyberbully. I recommend that you don't delete the messages and screenshot them and show your parents or your carer and they will drive you to the police station to report afterwards block them.

How to keep privite

If there is something private to you don't give it out and DON'T GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE AT ALL except your parents so your parents can see what your doing and making sure your safe.


When you go to the pool,river or lake you should make sure that you and your younger sibling/s that you guys know how to swim if not wear a life jacket.

If you start drowning raise you hand DO NOT WALVE the reason why is because the life guard or your family will think your just waving at them.


If you are home alone and the phone rings don't answer unless you know the number and same goes for the door bell DONT answer the door and if you are sneaky peak throw a window that is not directly next to the door.

If you walk home or walking to someone's house and someone pulls up next to you and you have no clue who it is keep walking if they keep following you start to walk into someone's house but try to get the number plat so you can call the police and they will find him and arrest him or her for being a pedofile.