SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

SUMMER TERM - WEEK 5 - Friday 29th May

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week we have kicked off our new and final unit of writing with a bang!

As you may have worked out, "Reflections" will see the children recounting and retelling events, moments and stories from their year in Grade 4.

However, as with all great writing, there is a TWIST.

All year, the children have enjoyed having a choice of TOPIC.

For our reflections unit, we thought it would be amazing to give the children a choice of GENRE.

By doing this, we hope to close the loop on our year of learning and inspire some truly insightful, creative and individual pieces of writing.

Next week, we will be concentrating on identifying which stories, events and moments the children would like to recount before selecting the genre that will best suite their purpose.


This week in Maths students have been revising for their End of Year Review, showing diligence and commitment to their learning. Next week we will begin tessellations and the homework from this week will be carried over.

Unit of Work (IPC)

Our IPC focus this week was on weather instruments and all the different types of gadgets that are used by meteorologists to help them to predict the weather. The children were given the opportunity to learn about the weather and climate information gathered from thermometers, rain gauges, barometers, wind socks, wind vanes, weather balloons, and weather satellites.

We went on to work in small groups to write a step by step plan with diagrams to create a weather instrument that measures rainfall, wind speed and temperature using materials found around school and home. Some interesting looking weather and climate measuring devices were created by the children.

Next week, the children will be given a technology task directly from Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) of STARK INDUSTRIES. This assignment will encourage the children to design an EWP (Extreme Weather Protector) using materials and technology that they have become familiar with during Grade Four.

Home Learning for the Week Ahead - Term 3 Week 4

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home Learning - Language Arts


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.

Home Learning - Mathematics

As per last week.

Home Learning - Unit of Work (IPC)

For IPC home learning, the children will work on two different projects.

Firstly a project on types of clouds that includes producing a poster of different clouds photographed or sketched by the children.

Secondly, a project based on their home country weather and climate conditions which will be due on Monday 01 June.


Common Suffixes: change the y to i when adding a suffix such as –ness, -ful, or -ly,

happiness, plentiful, prettiness, sulkily, heavily, dutiful,dustiness, nastily, pitiful, silliness


What is Trust?

Trust is believing in someone or something. It is having confidence that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen. Sometimes it is hard to trust when life brings painful experiences. Trust is being sure, down deep, that there is some good in everything that happens.

Why practice it?

Without trust, you always feel you have to control things to make them turn out right. You worry over what others are doing and worry about things you cannot control. Trusting others leaves you free to concentrate on the things that you need to do. Trusting yourself is an important part of growing up. Instead of worrying over every mistake, you do your best and trust it to be enough.

How do you practice it?

Trust brings a positive attitude toward life. By having confidence that things will go right, you help to make it true. When you trust, you relax and let go of worries. Even when difficult things happen, they can help you grow stronger and learn new things. Trust people to keep their promises unless they keep breaking them. It is foolish to trust people who keep breaking promises. Start trusting them only when they choose to be trustworthy.

Coming Up

Monday June 01 - Vesak Day (school closed)

Tuesday 2nd June - Grade 4 parents invited to find out about Grade 5 expedition to Sibu (7.45-8.15) also Celebration of Learning (8.20-8.45)

Wednesday June 10 - Annual End of Year Reports go home

Friday June 12 - Term Ends (half day) - Grade 1 to Grade 6 dismissed at 12.20

Your Grade 4 Teaching Team

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4GT Kerry Tremblay and Antony Grigson
4DPi Donna Pielow, Team Leader

4SBa Sally Baines

4SDa and Head of Middle Years, Steve Dalgarno