Caracas, Venezuela

Festival, music, and dancing WOW!

Caracas' Finest Food

Come and try the amazing food! venezuelans eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and meat and sea food.A lot of different food there than in the US.They eat delicious food like:wheat bread,beans with pork,sushi and other good food.On christmas they serve this delicious food called hallaca. So...come and try this awesome food i promise, you wont regret it!

caracas' culture,history,and arts

Learn about the fantastic past,and culture.There are 3 different groups: 1.Carib 2.Arawak 3.Chibcha.All of the explorers of Christopher Columbus and anlonso de ojeda named the country and they admire what the indians did.They have popular music played in festivals like mirengue,salsa,gaitas,and aguinaldos. When they celebrate Christmas and Easter they go full out with music and dancing.So try out the museum and go to some festival's.

caracas' Activites and Entertainment

Come and have some fun! There's a wonderful park and zoo,a snake house and a catus garden even in some of the trees you could see colorful birds. You could go see a museum and look at some beautiful art paintings,articfacts relating to its independents. If your planing to go to a club,men's sometimes have to wear a jacket and ALWAYS take a taxi at night where ever you go. Also there is a theater to see ballet, concerts, operetas, plays, and opras. WOW! you get to party all night lucky!

Caracas' Famous Landmarks and Historical Sights

Learn about the landmarks and historical sigts. Most of the landmarks are associated with simon bolivar military and political. Angle falls is an attraction and tallest water fall with tallest single drop. Caracas mosque, largest mosque in south america and most famous landmarks also can see for free. Colonia Tovar was found by german sett;ers in 1843 by 1940 spanish culture and language was in there. I believe when you come back you will be smart.

Caracas' Language

Learn some language. The offical language there is spanish. There are other language there like chines,italian,porgagese and english. I bet by the time you get back you'll be speaking different language.

Caracas' Weather

Feel the cool breeze through you. December through May is a perfect time to go. December and January are breezy and April-September is warm. Rainy in December-May but October-June is the best. The highest tempereture is 83 degrees and highlands at merida is 67 degrees. I sugust you bring shorts, jeans, and a jacket.