Sammy Davis Jr.


growing up

Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8 1925. in new York city, as a infant he was raised by his grandma. and his parents split up when he was 3. he went to live with with his father. who was a entertainer in a dance troupe. when his father and uncle went on tour he went and danced with them.

the start of career

when the war ended he got back into showbiz. he continued performing with his dad and uncle. then he struck out on his on his own. he preformed in nightclubs and recorded records. in 1955 he recorded his first two albums staring Sammy Davis Jr and Sammy Davis Jr sings just for the lovers.

challenges in his life

Sammy has had to deal with racism. then in 1954 he was in a car accident which made him lose a eye. and he died of throat cancer on may 16 1990.