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Herenando cortes participated in the conquest of central america and Peru even in the cores of exploring found mexico he even discovered the Mississippi river that is awesome to discovered a river or place.


Hernando Cortes was born in 1485 in Medellin a town in the Spanish.When Cortes was a little kid he wasn't healthy and he got sick when he was starting to grow he started to be healthy and he didn't get sick anymore it is good to be healthy.when Cortes was 14, he went to the UNIVERSITY of SALAMANCA to study about the law.300 years ago the Spanish people ruled mexico.Cortes became the mayor of Santiago, the capital.when Cortes was 19, he sailed to an island Hispanida.Cortes stayed in Hispanida he stayed there for seven years that is so long staying there for a long time.


In 1500 the people the people found there way around the globe.In 1504,when Cortes was 19, years old he boarded a supply in a ship to travel to a knew Spanish settlement.In February 1519,Cortes sailed to Yucatan.In march 1519 Cortes landed on Tabasco where he stayed in order to gain intelligence from the local Indians.Cortes was who found mexico it is the largest city.In may 1520,messengers brought more news that more Spaniards that have landed in Yucatan.


In 1525 marina gives birth to Cortes.On December 2,1547 Cortes got sick and died he got moved alot of times.you know what is awesome is that he was the one that found mexico that is so awesome! Hernando Cortes wished to be buried in mexico city.Cortes was a mean guy how because he stole lots of gold from other villages.

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