#UDLchat 12/3/14 - The Gift of UDL

Wednesday, December 3rd @9pm EST

The Gift of UDL

'Tis the season of gift givin'. Let's spread some Universal Design for Learning love and cheer by putting some fancy paper and bows on best that UDL has to offer. How can we give the gift of UDL to our colleagues and our students? What surprises await those who embark down the UDL path? Be creative!

Q1: You're filling a UDL stocking for a colleague - What do you include? What UDL principles are evident in your gifts?

Q2: Each student in your class finds a UDL gift on their desk - What is it? How does it honor learner variability?

Q3: Hallmark has asked you to design a UDL holiday card - What is your joyful UDL message?