Staff Memo

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


You should have collected these and checked them in, returned them to the students and followed up with those that did not return them. Please use whatever means necessary.

Staff Communications with each other and about students and parents

I know that it has been mentioned before, but please bear in mind the witness and model that teachers and staff are to our students. Good or bad, they are always watching and listening. They may doing this actively or passively, but they are doing it.

1. You should not be having conversations about students or parents at any time or in any place where your conversation can be overheard. This has happened and you cannot blame a child for repeating something to another child or a parent. They should not be hearing it. This is unprofessional.

2. You should not be having conversations in front of students in another language.

3. Interactions between staff members that occur in front of students need to be positive and professional. You are modeling to students how problems or disagreements need to be handled. Problems need to be handled behind closed doors and you should talk to the person you have the issue with directly. Gossip, conjecture and pettiness are not acceptable.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is inevitable that in the course of a long school year, there will be disputes and disagreements.Just handle them with wisdom, maturity and in a biblical manner. We cannot harbor resentment towards each other.

I think that this covers it all. When any of these three problems occur, it makes the school look bad. This is not a conversation that we should need to have.

Summer School and retention

I am working on these letters later this week. It is very important that you have put the necessary thought and analysis into this. If not, go back and look at your list again. You needed to share your list with me, otherwise I do not have it. This was due 2 weeks ago so if I go looking for your list and it is not there, I will have a very big problem with this.


Thank you to those of you who completed your page on time and well. Thank you to those who went above and beyond and helped with one of the special pages. Thank you most of all to Maydelline for putting this all together. I can assure you it's not because of financial gain but rather a labor of love.

It was disappointing that in spite of reminders since January, some did not meet the deadline and in fact, we needed to work on pages this week. There is a reason for every deadline, even if you do not understand it. Deadlines need to be honored.

Chapel Offering this week

Our offerings this week and next will be put towards a love gift for Quela's family and Malachi and Xavier's family. I will send this in an email as well, but please talk with your kids about it (not in front of these kids of course).

Last pay check and lunch accounts

Please be sure to take care of your lunch balances. Some are high. If you wish to pay this with payroll deduction, get in touch with Roslyn.

Last payroll for the year (for those that did not escrow over 12 months) is this week, May 2nd.

For those of you who did escrow, escrow will then take over, but there will be a pay period that you do not receive a check, due to how the calendar has fallen this year. More info to follow.