Mrs. Rouse's English I Newsletter

February 2013


Hello. As we begin the third quarter of the second semester, I would like to let you know what my students will be working on, as well as offer tips to help your student be as successful as she or he can.

Nonfiction Unit

Currently, my class is working on the Nonfiction Unit. Last week, I assigned three different stories for students to read over the week. I assigned homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. I told the students in advance that they would have a quiz on Friday on the three stories, and that they could use their story maps and notes on the quiz. Grades varied based on who read the stories and who did not. I will offer the Power of I option on this quiz, because the same stories will be on the major test. Power of I requires a student to come in for one 30-minute tutoring session before or after school, and then the student may retake the quiz. The due date for POI on the Nonfiction quiz is Tuesday, February 12th.

This week, I will follow the same schedule with homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights with an open notes quiz on Friday. The Nonfiction Test will be on Tuesday, February 12th. Students received a study guide for the test last week. To help your child be successful, please have him or her read all of the stories listed on the study guide and study the literature terms listed on the study guide.


As a mom, I am ultra-protective of family time. For this reason, you will notice that I do not give homework every night. I also do not give homework assignments that will take over 30 minutes. As a teacher, I assign relevant homework that my students need - not busy work. With this said, please know the following:

End of Course Exam

Now is a fantastic time to encourage your child to begin practicing for the End of Course exam. The exam will be in May and count as 20% of your child's final grade. Blue Ridge High provides an excellent resource for its students called USA Test Prep. The website is Go to "Member login". The account ID or school ID is blueridgesc. The students have already set up their individual usernames and passwords. There are games, daily trivia questions, practice tests, and more for students to use to get ready for this final exam. The earlier that they begin to practice, the better grade that he or she can achieve.

Paula Rouse

If your child ever needs extra help or would like to participate in Power of I, I am available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:15-8:40 and from 3:45-4:30. On Monday and Friday mornings, a student will need to get a pass from me in advance. Tuesday and Thursday is Tiger Time, so no pass is needed.