The Roaring News

The 1920's


In the 1920's the world experienced several revolutions in areas such as music and new scientific discoveries. People seemed to be taking part in this "change" as well. For instance, women adopted new fashion standards (usually more casual) and beliefs. For women, hair was cut shorter (sometimes the Eton crop) and clothing changed drastically, becoming shorter and less "covering." So revolutionary were these changes that in 1925, people pointed a blaming finger at short skirts. They believed that they were the cause for an Italian earthquake. More liberty was granted to women for becoming more independent but it was a drastic change taking the nation by surprise.


The Great Gatsby.

During Gatsby's time women had short hair, and typically wore dresses in the summer and during the colder months they wore long skirts, ankle length or just pants with long sleeved shirts. Men typically wore suits or dress pants mostly all the time and button up shirts with dress shoes as well. You could say the men dressed classier compared to the women. Nobody makes an issue out of this because everyone was use to the style by now. It was no big change. Also, the women usually dressed in lighter clothing because they did a lot of work around the house and only ever had to dress up when they went out. Men were typically always on the go. Whether they were working in a law firm, or business office, or even just out with the family.