Pay it forward!

By:Riley Schuchard

Pay it forward

Hey Clear Lake it’s be a buddy not a bully month at Clear Creek Elementary so we're challenging you to try to be a buddy. Help someone who can’t do something. Then hopefully you will get something in return. So be a buddy.

All week i’ve been trying to do good thing for my friends and families but then realise that I’m getting closer to Paying it forward. But at the same time im push too hard now I realise that all I need is to be myself. I've been hoping someone might trip and fall so I can help them up.what am I supposed to do push somebody over. No.

If you want to be kind help a lady with grochies or buy a homeless person a hot dog.So I can’t find anything to help with so i’m gona help my mom with chores and with the laundry. Make the beds or help cook dinner. They're all very helpful.

So you can help anywhere. You can make a difference so help.Don’t be shy. You can help if you try someone else can do something too and then Clear Lake will be the nicest town. So just try.

So the next time you feel the need to help do. Make your world a better place.

Well i hope now you're being a buddy. So next time someone needs help ask if they need help then random act of kindness.

Where Kindness comes from

pay it forward video

pay it forward video

Kindness (Pay it Forward)