Ben Franklin Abolitionist Essay

By Joe Pearson

A Very Good Introduction

“I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” Sounds like he’s pretty great. (Spoiler alert- he is!) Ben Franklin was a brilliant mind. He believed strongly against slavery and tried to abolish it. "He was not trusted to write the Declaration, as it was feared he would put a joke in it".


'Benjamin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts" and had a slightly weird childhood. First of all, "He had 16 siblings, 14 of them older than him." "He also only had 2 years of formal education, which he finished at age 10!" This is because his family could not afford the fees. "He was an apprentice to his elder brother in a print shop when 12."

An Abolitionist

"He owned slaves when younger", but realized that slavery was wrong. In fact, "he became president of The Society for the Promotion of the Abolition of Slavery and the Relief of Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage in 1787." Under his control, the society made Black schools and help freed slaves get jobs." In 1890, he petitioned Congress to abolish slavery, but did not succeed." So he was a good guy.

Many Accomplishments

He also accomplished many things. "At age 23, he became publisher of the Philadelphia Gazette." Then, "by age 27, he was very wealthy, due to the publication of Poor Richard's Almanac." "He was the oldest signer of the Declaration." Plus, "he got to go to England in 1724." Onward to the next paragraph!

A Life Well Lived

Ben had a very good life, and lived to the max. He really did it all. "He was a volunteer fireman, diplomat, scientist, inventor, and writer." "He could speak 5 languages: French, Latin, Italian, English, and Spanish." "He also invented bifocals and the glass armonica."

Until The End

"In 1736 and 1745, his son and father died, respectively." "On April 17, 1790, Ben Died at age 84 of pleurisy, an inflammation of the lungs." "He was buried in his hometown of Philadelphia." "over 20,000 people went to his funeral." A grand end for a grand person.
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A Very Good Conclusion

So overall, he had a great life, made many things, and changed many lives. "He petitioned congress to abolish slavery and signed the Declaration." "He published newspapers and books." Not an ordinary life. But a good one. Thank you for reading.

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