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Head of Elementary School Divison Highlights

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Sunday's Minute

Dear Centennial Academy Families,

We just finished a fantastic first month of school! Thank you for making sure that your scholar is getting to school every day, on time, and in compliance with our dress code.

As a reminder, school begins at 8:00 AM and our doors open as early as 7:15 AM for the scholars to enjoy a good breakfast. We appreciate your support in your scholar being on time and in attendance every day. As many of you have witnessed, traffic before and after school can be very heavy at times. Therefore, please be courteous of other drivers and be very careful of the many scholars who are walking to and from school.

There are many ways in which all of you as parents can support your scholar and the school, so I want to thank you for your efforts and cooperation throughout the year.

The following is a list of tips for a successful school year:

  • Provide a specific place and time on a daily basis for doing homework. Make sure they turn in their completed work on a regular basis as expected by the teacher.
  • Ensure there is a routine for going to bed. Children that sleep around 10 hours a night will be in a better mood and more alert and ready to learn the next day.
  • Provide a nutritious breakfast every day either at home or arrive at school before 7:50 AM so that can take advantage of the school's breakfast. Your child’s brain and body will be fueled with the energy needed to do well in school. We offer FREE breakfast at Centennial Academy to all scholars and our cafeteria opens at 7:15 AM for breakfast.
  • Have scholars come to school every day and arrive on time. Scholars should arrive on campus no later than 8:00 AM to avoid being marked tardy.
  • Ensure that your scholar is in school for the entire school day. We are experiencing a rise in early dismissals. Remember that early dismissal should ONLY be for emergency situations. Any class time that your scholar misses has a direct impact on their academic achievement.
  • Maintain open communication with your scholar and their teacher. This form of involvement will be a determining factor in your scholars' success in school. Ask them what they have learned. Check their backpacks and homework folders. Write notes to the teacher or email them when you have questions or concerns.

Let’s take this journey to excellence together!

In service,

Ms. Keisha Blythers



Academic Affairs Department

Teachers Are Scholars Too!

Our teachers participated in Professional Learning Community Sessions on Tuesday, August 28th. The sessions were led by our very own Centennial Academy educators! The sessions included customizing an English Language Arts lesson, developing inquiry-based Science lessons, collecting essential data reports for classroom instruction, and building and maintaining relationships with scholars. These Professional Learning Community Sessions enable our educators to build capacity and improve their knowledge base. Awesome Job Educators!

Full STEAM Ahead!

Centennial Academy has implemented a daily STEAM time. Our wonderful Connections teachers work within the Literacy Block to help our scholars build their vocabulary. Each week a new vocabulary word is selected, and the Connections teachers design a way for the scholars to learn the meaning of the word through the disciplines of Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology. As your scholar’s vocabulary increases so will their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Rock On Connections Team!


School Counseling Department


The Counseling Department provides support to scholars, families, faculty, and staff in a number of capacities. We advocate for scholar success in three primary areas, according to the American School Counselor Association National Model, which includes counseling in personal and social, academic, and career development.

Contact Us

Kindergarten - 2nd Grades: Ms. Lisa Miller, MS, NCC


3rd & 4th Grades: Ms. Chastity Williams, MA, NCC, APC


Love & Ethical Leadership Moment

We are happy to announce that Year Two of The Leader In Me implementation will incorporate a focus on Aligning Academics. All faculty members participated in professional development and experienced opportunities to engage in reflective and proactive dialogue with colleagues about goal setting.

All classrooms have created mission statements and are in the process of creating and adding to their Leadership Notebooks. This is a differentiated tool for teachers and scholars to tailor their Wildly Important Goals (WIGS) and track their progress!

On the right, Mr. H. and M.C. collaborate and creatively decorate the front cover of his Leadership Notebook after Convocation. SHINE ON and keep up the great work!

RTI/SST Department

Parents! I am so excited to be supporting teachers and scholars this year at Centennial Academy as the RTI/SST Coordinator (K-4). The Response to Intervention/Student Support Team (RTI/SST) process is designed to provide support to our scholars and teachers through a collaborative approach.

When a scholar experiences academic and/or behavioral difficulties, the teacher and parent may request the assistance from the school's RTI/SST Team. The RTI/SST process has six basic steps:

1. Gathering Information

2. Evaluating the Information

3. Developing an Educational Plan

4. Implementing the Educational Plan

5. Evaluating the Progress

6. Monitoring the Plan

Please do not hesitate to contact me with all of your questions and/or concerns!

Mr. Ereco Maddox

RTI/SST Coordinator


Our Academic Coordinators Shine on the Teachers

An additional option for before & after school care

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