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I hope you had a productive first-week working remotely. I struggled the first day to get into a routine, and even though my commute is amazing, I may have been a little late to work on Thursday. Thank you to all of you who sent out the jokes and memes this week. It has brightened my day, and hopefully yours as well. Kudos to Ms. Love for dropping the all-school email of the year on Wednesday. I was in tears from laughter!

Please make sure you review all the info below, and if ever you need to access previous important information emails, please click here. This link will take you to a Google Doc that contains previous information. Enjoy your day, please wash your hands and take of each other.

For All

I am worried about COVID-19. What resources are available to me?

Here are some of the specific resources included in the HR FAQ (the most updated FAQ is posted on my279).

Reporting Reminder

  • From March 18-27, unless otherwise directed by your supervisor, you will work remotely.
  • During this time period, as long as you report a summary of your daily work using the form found here by the end of your duty day, you will be paid your regular salary or hourly wage according to your regular work schedule. This will require you to be logged into your Osseo Area Schools apps account.
  • You are required to be available and accessible for either on-site or remote work during your regular work hours. You must be ready to report to work on-site or remotely at any time.

Mandated Reporting Reminder

  • We are all mandated reporters. If you suspect child abuse or neglect, you must continue to report this to Hennepin County Child Protective Services
  • If you know a student who is experiencing a mental health crisis:
    • Notice
    • Ask
    • Report and Refer
  • Try to get in contact with the parent, if you cannot get in touch with the parent, call local law enforcement, 911.

Tech Tidbit

As we move into this uncertain time of Covid19 and the potential of “distance learning” please reach out to Marie Lundt for any support regarding Schoology - Google or Digital Instruction. She is able to set up private 1:1 chats, small group chats or large group chats through Google Meet and can help to answer questions that come up as we are all in this uncertain time.

Flex Learning Resources & Supports

Click here to be taken to a document that contains a variety of resources and supports to help you navigate the flex learning world.

Fitness with Ms. Gross

Are you looking to stay fit during the school closure? If so consider joining Ms. Gross on Instagram for Instagram live home workouts daily! You can also click here for a sample workout routine to sweat it out in solitude.

Reminders: For Non Licensed Staff

During the closure (March 18th-March 27th), the following is expected of all NVMS ESPs.

  • Check email by 8:30 am and 2:30 pm on a daily basis, and more frequently as you are able. The district and I will be sending out email communications, and it is expected (and essential) that you are reading these emails.
  • Complete NVMS Daily Work Summary every day by 2:30 p.m. This will require you to be logged into your Osseo Area Schools apps account.
  • Complete online professional development from HR and your union representative. I have included the instructions for Safe Schools Courses and Online Professional Development courses with this email. The instructional guide for accessing materials can be found here.
  • For Setting III ESPs, get caught up on Third-Party Billing by March 27th.
  • Complete your Performance Evaluation Form for your end-of-year meeting. Ms. Dale has sent out a copy.
  • Check-in with the teachers you support and offer your support remotely. They are putting together instructional content within the district’s distance/flex learning framework, and there may be ways that you can help support those efforts.
  • Collaborate with other ESPs and with me. We need each other!
  • Catch up on email and/or clean out email inbox.

Reminders: For Licensed Staff

During the closure (March 18th-March 27th), the following is expected of all licensed staff.

  • Complete NVMS Daily Work Summary every day by 3:50 p.m. This will require you to be logged into your Osseo Area Schools apps account.
  • Between now and March 30, licensed staff who provide classroom instruction or direct services to students are expected to prepare no fewer than 8 weeks of instructional content within the district’s distance/flex learning framework.
  • Learn how to use Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangout), the district-supported remote conferencing tool.

Important Links

You can manually add the links below to your desktop. If you do not how to do manually add these links to your desktop, please watch the video found here.

BrainPop Password

The BrainPop user id and password are below and case sensitive.

  • PW: knights5

Our Commitments:

We, the staff at North View Middle School, commit to…

  • Providing challenging academic opportunities that are relevant, engaging, culturally responsive, and rigorous.
  • Providing a meaningful, encouraging and safe environment that fosters the whole child, and focuses on student strengths.
  • Including data driven best practices and instruction that meets the academic and individual needs of our students, improves student achievement, and promotes growth.
  • Engaging in continued professional development to ensure that we are aware of our students’ racial perspectives, challenge our biases, and include practices that serve our diverse student population.
  • Providing effective collaborative partnerships with the entire school community by ensuring that we encourage multiple opportunities for involvement, communication, and access.
  • Modeling and implementing daily engaging multi-level reading and writing strategies within our classrooms.
  • Accepting responsibility for each student’s success and celebrate that success with our school community.

Our Mission!

Committed to furthering the lives of each student by using the best practices available.

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