Team Touch of 31 Tuesday Tidbits

November 18th, 2014

I want to ENCOURAGE you...

Remember WHY you started this business? Remember how you felt when you first got your enrollment kit? Remember the excitement of clicking the submit button to order that kit? Remember how it felt when you booked your first party?

This is the love and empowerment we share with our hostesses and recruits. We really DO have the power to change the world one person at a time with this company.

I know that I can bring someone out of a difficult financial circumstance, out of a bad situation, help them move on to greater things, give them self-confidence, bring out things in them they never knew, encourage them, make them feel loved, make someone feel accepted, allow them to provide for their family....this is my WHY...and this is why I'm so passionate about what we do, our team, and this amazing journey we have created together.

I challenge you to GET ON FIRE for year end! Find your passion, find your mission, and help someone else find theirs along the way. Set yourself up for January. There is no reason to not have a great January this year with the introduction of Jewell and this incredible catalog! I believe that we can change the direction of our lives and business with a change in our mindset... Let's believe in our dreams and go for it!!!


Turn every situation and circumstance around by looking at it with different eyes! Ask yourself; What can I learn? How can I serve someone else in this setting... in my family... in my community? Changing our perspective can change everything.

And remember to "breathe"!!!

Tips & Tidbits...

Target this to people you REALLY want to ask to book...

Thirty-One’s “road map” is 3 contacts a day to make your business successful.

Don’t like “cold calls”??? I have a plan for you!! This gives you a REASON to call!!

Go through all your old order forms. Find ones with addresses and phone numbers. On Monday….send 15 mini catalogs with a printed piece of paper that reads:

Just want to say hello! I’ve missed you and wanted to send you this great offer just to say I appreciate your time and your business: This month only…take $5 off your purchase of $31 or more….or get $25 FREE just for booking your own catalog or home show in January! The special this month is….

Then the NEXT Monday…you call 3 people each day and say:

“I’m just calling to see if you got my catalog in the mail! I wanted to make sure you got it and see if I could interest you in booking a catalog party to earn some things for yourself!”

If she says no, I don’t have any time….you say….”you can always just do a Party on the Go! I’ll meet you at a restaurant or coffee shop, you invite 5 or 6 friends to join us and I’ll just pass around to your family and friends a few of our products that are just for “YOU”

If she still says no….say…”no problem! I totally understand. How about I contact you in a few months and see if things have slowed down for you!”

Set up folders for the 12 months. If she says call me in 12 months, write her name down on a sheet of paper in that month’s folder so you remember to call her again! Remember, they’re not saying NO to YOU…just to what you’re offering that day. They might say yes the next time!! Keep track of who you call each month and I wouldn’t suggest calling the same person in twice in a 4 month period unless they ask you to!

The other way you can make 3 contact calls a day is to make customer care calls. So if you have a party… call the customers one week after they get their orders and ask if they are enjoying them and how they are using them. Just calling to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your product. Were you interested in more information about hosting your own party and earning some free items?

New Party Presentations... coming! Some consultants are already changing how they do their party to this format!

All you need to do is use current catalog product for each Solution Type.
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