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Monday, May 16, 2016

Classroom News

I hope everyone has had a great week! Only 8 1/2 days left!

The countdown is on until Summer! However, we will be learning until the end. Please remind your child to still follow classroom and school rules and to be ready to learn each day.

If you would like a summer practice packet, please let me know. I have had a few requested and they have started to head home. Check your child's folder if you requested one.

Homework books are done. We have made some major growth in our reading skills! I couldn't have done it without the help of all of you at home. If you still have a reading bag at home, please return them as soon as possible. Keep up the reading over the summer! I have sent home a list of reading levels and their correlation to the homework books. Please let me know if you have any questions about where your child is reading.

Please still be checking folders daily! We will start going through things in the classroom and your child may bring home more things some days then others. Just be sure to keep things empty for the next day.

Have a great week!

STEM Activities

We will be doing S.T.E.M. projects throughout the last few days. We will be needing donated items to complete these projects. If you can donate any of the below items we would greatly appreciate it.

  • sandwich bags (tuck and fold style)
  • aluminum foil
  • waxed paper
  • paper plates
  • plastic shopping bags
  • foam trays
  • twist ties
  • pipe cleaners
  • wood dowels, 2-4 ft. long
  • PVC pipes
  • twine
  • string
  • fishing line
  • paper towel or toilet tissue tubes
  • empty soda cans
  • wire coat hangers
  • clothespins
  • modeling clay
  • paper bags
  • newspapers

Summer Birthdays

Does your child have a summer birthday? Does your child want to celebrate their birthday with treats at school? Not a problem! Please message me a date and I can schedule you a birthday snack day. I would like prior notice of 7-10 days so I can make sure we only have one day of treats. I don't want to schedule multiple students on the same day. Send me a class Dojo message or an email if you are interested.

Does your child plan on having a summer birthday celebration? If you send your invitations to school the last week of school, I will be sure to make sure your child invitations are handed out. Remember, per District policies, you must have an invitations for every student in the class.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 25th - Attendance Party Celebrations

Thursday, May 26th - Grade Cards Sent Home

Thursday, May 26th - Last day of School (1/2 Day)

Instagram Uploads

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Super Improvers!

Congratulations to our friends moving up the wall!

Henry B. - Pro

Aliyah B. - Specialist

Caleb Ray B. - Pro

Kevin C. - Specialist

Colin D. - Captain

Brooklyn E. - Pro

Aurora M. - Pro

Jordyn N. - Specialist

Emma S. - Captain

Taelor W. - Captain

Dante W. - Captain

Isabelle W. - Specialist


Can your child read this?

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We are done learning each letter of the alphabet. We will now start focusing on vowel sounds.
The Long & Short Vowels Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

What Will We Learn Next Week?








Science/Social Studies:

I-STEM Activities

Quarterly Standards

R.F.K.1.d – Letter Recognition

R.F.K.3.a – Letter Sounds

K.ELA.1 – Name Writing

L.K.1.a – Letter Writing

RF.K.3.c – High-Frequency Words

K.CC.A.1 – Counting by 1’s and 10’s

K.CC.A.3 – Number Writing 0-20 in and out of order.

RF.K.1.b - Sounding out Words

RL.K.3 - Identify characters, setting, events in a story.

W.K.3 - Narrative Writing

K.CC.A.2 - Counting on from a given number.

K.CC.B.5 - Tell How Many (Student counts out objects)

K.OA.A.2a - Addition

K.OA.A.2b - Subtraction

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