1994 Northridge Earthquake

Becket Knight

Northridge Earthquake Interview With Samantha Knight

“The freeway actually collapsed!” says Samantha Knight, my mother. She experienced the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake on Jan. 17, 1994.

It was 4:30AM, my mom said. the earthquake woke her up. She was in in her bed and kind of well, “shaken”. She lived in Redondo beach at the time which is about an hour away from Northridge. Her apartment was on the second floor of her building over their garage. So it was very shaky. My mom said it was extra scary because of that.

My mom felt the whole building shaking. She said it felt like a couple of minutes,but in reality it was only about ten to twenty seconds. When the shaking began she went to the doorway because that is a very strong structure in a house. Then, she went outside just in case there were going to be more large earthquakes, because the building potentially could have gotten damaged.

Luckily, my mom’s house was not damaged, only things on the inside slid around. Lastly, my mom said that the only part she thought was very, very scary was seeing all of the damage on the news and around LA. Especially the ten freeway how part of it just fell to the ground.

My mom suggested to pay attention to our earthquake drills. Meaning, do go under a table, and go under a doorway, keep your head covered with a desk or table or chair (ect.) and cover your neck with your hands/arms. Or, go outside if it is a very big earthquake so that if there damage done to your house or if it falls you are safe.