CSE Communicator

May 2022

Important Dates

May 2 - April Winning Tribe Reward

MAP end-of-year benchmark testing window opens

May 2 - 9 - Scholastic BOGO Book Fair

Teacher (& Staff) Appreciation Week

May 3 - AR Reward Lunch w/ Administrators

CSE Track Meet @ HHS (5:00pm)

May 4 - 5th grade field trip to Challenger Center

May 5 - CSE Kindergarten Registration for 2022-2023 school year

May 9 - Field Day 9:00 (meet your child at their station)

SPY Awards Night (4:00-6:00)

May 9 - Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Day

May 10 - CSE Media Advisory Committee Mtg. (3:05pm)

CCPS (district winners) YGA Author Celebration @ Colonnade (5:30pm)

May 11 - School Nurse Day

May 12 - CSE 5th grade - LMS Transition Field Trip

CCPS Annual Partnership Lunch (11:45)

May 16 - LSGT (10:15)

May 18 - Career Day

May 20 - June/July Student Birthday Celebration

Kindergarten - (in house) Field Trip

May 23 - 1st Grade Field Trip - Catoosa County Library

May 24 - CSE 2nd Annual Tailgate & Celebrate (6:00 in the courtyard)

May 25 - May Winning Tribe Reward

AR End-of-year Goal Reward Field Trip to UTC Aquatic Cntr.

May 26 - 5th Grade Promotion Program (8:30 - gym)

Kindergarten Promotion Program (10:00 - gym)

3rd Grade Field Trip to Lake Winnie

Class Parties (to be announced)

Happy Summer! See you next school year!

Teacher (& Staff) Appreciation Week

Monday: Time to "Wake UP"

Have your child bring a fresh coffee, coffee gift card, or morning breakfast treat for his/her teacher.

Tuesday: "Build UP"

Have your child write a note of

appreciation to his/her teacher.

Wednesday: Time to "Brighten UP"

Have your child dress in his/her teacher’s favorite color.

Thursday: Time to "Thumbs UP"

Brag about your child’s teacher on social media and to the principals. Click here: https://forms.gle/qAdj3Cy2pNoLAZZv6

Friday: Thanks for helping us "Grow UP"

Have your child bring a flower or plant for his/her teacher(s) to say “thank you”.

Kindergarten Registration ('22-'23)



Thursday, May 5th

AT CSE 3:00-5:30 Appointment Only


Pre-Register Online


All new CCPS students must complete online registration and schedule an enrollment appointment. (Current CCPS Pre-K students enrolling for Kindergarten do not have to complete online registration again.)

Students must be 5 years of age on or before 9/1/22.

Please bring the following items with you:

1. Proof of residency. Please provide two of the most recent documents below:

*Electric Bill *Cable Bill *GA Voters Reg. Card *Water Bill *Signed Lease

*Driver’s License *Bank Statement *Phone Bill *Gas Bill *Mortgage Stmt.

*Government or Court Document *Insurance (Med, Life, Auto, Home)

2. Georgia driver’s license or photo ID of parent or legal guardian.

3. Proof of legal custody or guardianship (if applicable).

4. GA 3231 Immunization Certificate.

5. GA 3300 Hearing, Vision, and Dental Screening form.

6. Birth Certificate.

7. Social Security Card

ASP Updates

The last two weeks of school ASP balances must be paid daily in cash or through Rev-Trak.

NO CHECKS will be accepted.

Join us as we Tailgate and Celebrate A-Tribe Game On!


When: Tuesday, May 24 th

Time: 6:00 – 7:00

Where: CSE Courtyard

Bring your chairs and/or a blanket

3rd-5th Milestones Reward CARNIVAL 4/29

Special thanks to our Academic Coach, Angie Owens, who turned teachers' ideas of rewarding students in grades 3-5 who demonstrated positive, productive test-taking behaviors into a GA Milestones Celebration Carnival.

Each testing day, students earned tickets by:

  • Charging their Chromebooks

  • Going back through the test and checking answers

  • Using scratch paper correctly

  • Actively working 100% of the time. (Sitting up, staying focused, and trying their best on each section)

  • Being confident and having a positive attitude

Ms. Owens coordinated support staff and LFO student volunteers, gathered games and prizes, and decorated the hallways and gym to hold this amazing celebration. Students were asking to take the GA Milestones again!

Dress Code Reminders

Warmer Weather is Here to stay! As the days get warmer, it is appropriate to revisit Catoosa County Public School Dress Code (as outlined in the student handbook). Many students hit growth spurts this time of year, so some clothing items need to be re-evaluated.

Here are some common CCPS dress code violations at CSE:

  • We are still noticing students wearing short shorts. According to CCPS handbook, "shorts must be at a length at mid-thigh or below" Students may wear leggings or mid-thigh biker shorts under athletic shorts to meet dress code expectations.

  • Another common problem is distressed rips/holes above mid-thigh. Again, a pair of leggings or mid-thigh biker shorts would be a solution to this dress code violation.

We want ALL students (regardless of financial need) to be able to successfully adhere to the dress code. If your family needs help locating resources for free or affordable clothing, please reach out to Erin Swinney or Danielle Pettyjohn.

PBIS Parent Corner

From School Fun to SUMMER FUN!

Tips for transitioning from school routine to summer routine.

Only Take On What You Can Manage

For starters, understand what will allow your child to thrive and what you, as a parent or caregiver, can manage. While it’s important to provide opportunities for your child, be careful of overdoing it and creating stress for yourself—and the whole family. Strategize and play to your child’s strengths.

Prioritize Activities To avoid taking on more than your family can handle, you first need to realize that you can’t do everything, and you will need to prioritize. Decide on the three most important things to you, as a parent or caregiver who knows your child and family well, and plan around those goals. For example, your goals might be to increase education, family fun, and time outside.

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time in nature is good for all of us. In fact, many children enjoy water play, which you can set up outdoors, even without access to a pool. Simply fill up bowls or an inflatable pool, and give your child a mix of cups and utensils to interact with water in various ways.

Here is a quick little list of outdoor sensory activities your child might enjoy

  • tinting water with food coloring

  • mixing water with sand

  • making mud pies

  • drawing with sidewalk chalk

  • collecting and painting rocks (or simply setting up an easel and paints outdoors)

  • blowing bubbles (and making homemade bubbles)

  • picking flowers or weeds

The list goes on. These activities engage children on a sensory level, while allowing kids to spend essential time outside.

As we gear up for what we anticipate will be a more relaxed, open summer than last year, due to the pandemic, keep in mind that planning, prioritizing, and concentrating on what matters most to you and your family are key. Let’s all take time to enjoy the little things!

Have a safe and Happy Summer!

Your PBIS Team

March Winning Tribe: CREATIVITY!

Congratulations to the Wisdom tribe for earning the most Warrior Bucks during the month of March. Students earn Warrior Bucks and positive feedback for demonstrating the Warrior Way: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, & Be a Team.

Students on the Wisdom Tribe enjoyed a Super Starr Warrior Reward on 5/2/22. Athletes from LFO came over to sign autographs and interact with the Creativity Tribe.

Nurse's Corner

May is National Water Safety Month.

It's May and summer is almost here. Keep your family safe with these water safety tips.

1. Always supervise children in and around the water. Designate at least one adult to watch at all times.

2. Never swim alone. Swimming is safer and more fun with a buddy!

3. Don't dive or jump into water that you can't see through. Rocks or stumps may be hiding under the surface.

4. Never turn your back to the ocean. Big surf and strong riptides can come without warning.

5. Don't depend on floating toys to keep you safe. Floats, water wings, and other inflatables are not safe substitutes for life jackets.

6. Life jackets only work if you wear them! Children and non-swimmers should wear life jackets in open water.

7. Swim only in designated swim areas. Signs are posted for your safety. There may be hidden dangers in other areas.

8. Don't leave toys or other floats in an unsupervised pool. Floating toys may attract children.

9. While "dry drowning" is rare, it can happen when your child breathes water into their lungs. Symptoms may include coughing, trouble breathing, vomiting, sleepiness, and fatigue. See a doctor quickly!

10. Learn to swim!

News from Parent & Family Engagement

Parent Advisory Meeting (PAC) was held on April 19, 2022, in-house and virtually through a google meet. At this meeting we went over the Spring Survey results, reviewed, discussed, revised, and approved the CSE Family Engagement Policy for the school year 2022-2023. Members reviewed and approved County Policy.

Our room is open from 8:00 to 2:00 every day, why not stop by and check out our Resource Center, Volunteer to make copies, laminate, and do other jobs to help out our teachers.

Parents, we value your input on CSE School Improvement Plan, School Policy, and Budget. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas on meetings or events, for next year please contact your Parent Involvement Coordinator, Kathy Honeycutt, at 706-866-6640, or email khoneycutt.cse@catoosa.k12.ga.us

It’s hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. We’ve had a great year here in the Parent/Volunteer workroom and I want to say “Thank You” to everyone who came in to Volunteer, whether in the workroom, in a classroom, or took work home. Remember, our work doesn’t end just because the school year comes to a close, everything you do, all the time, makes a difference. We will see you in August.


Please send written/printed excuse notes for your child’s absences. Remind messages are not acceptable forms of attendance documentation.

Lunch Reservation System

Click this link to make lunch reservations with your child. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F45ADAD23A3F8C43-lunch

Publix Partners-Support CSE every time you shop!

Please sign up at http://www.publix.com/partners, click locate a school then enter Cloud Springs Elementary School. When you checkout enter your phone number and they will give back to CSE!