Romeo suicide

If romeo had not got in front of marcutio destracting him and getting him stabed, Romeo would not have been exiled and if juliet was not crazy, she woulld not have killed herself proof of this is "[Tybelt under romeos arne stabes marcutio] ... and hence for that offence immedietly we will do exile him hence"(actlll seen I)

Juliet suicide

Now if Juliet had not been crazy for a boy she met a few days ago, she would have still been alive. Text shows "Relizing romeo has killed himself with poisen, but not leaving any for her to follow, she takes his dagger and killes herself beffor theguards reachh the vault" (act V seanlll). This shows that she is crazy and not willing to live a long happy life.

Hunger games jennifer lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Much like romeo and juliet both star cross lovers peta and kattnes in the end both would rather die together in the end rather than let the other die by themselves.
THG Scene; "Together?"
So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold Lyric video

So far away: Avenged Sevenfold

This song represents Romeo and juliet were they would rather die than be split apart from eachother just as the groupe would rather die than split up.