Tips for Google Searching

The Art of SEO - Stephan Spencer

Using Google is simple, but with a few tips, you can get even more out of Google searching!

Knowledge workers spend 15-30% of the day searching and more than half of searches fail

Google hummingbird is a recent update to their programming and tries to get at intent. Google's getting smarter, but by setting up your searching better, you can guide Google even better to find exactly what you want. website with great tips

Cutting Thru the Clutter

•exact phrases in " "

•don't ask a question

•singular vs. plural

•word order

•Boolean logic: -, (), |, or

•Search operators*

•date based searching ("more search tools")

*Search operators

filetype: restricts filetypes by extension (pdf, doc, xls, ppt)

site: search a particular domain

intitle: & allintitle: words must appear in title

inurl: allinurl: words must appear in URL

daterange: pages added/updated w/in a date range (Julian format)

define: glossary definition

compare: compare two things


marketing plan apparel filetype:doc will pull up files that are docs, not htmls, for example

intitle:"marketing plan" hits will only be from the site and results must have the phrase marketing plan in them

apparel marketing plan site:edu will only search on college/university sites

allinurl: marketing plan - both words will have to be in the URL to return it as a result

define: lycopene will give an instant dictionary result

Search tools

find it under the search box

It gives more options for narrowing -


Casting a Wider Net

astersik wildcard operator

or (|)

number ranges (..)

related: operator

""standards * marketing" searches for standards of, standards in, standards for, etc. - any phrases with a word in between the other two words. If you were looking for a phrase with tow words in the middle, then you'd type two asterisks.

related:o' shows related sites to the one you have

camera $350..$450 will look for cameras costing between $350 and $450

Mastering the Google Interface

Google Images

Icon looks like a camera at the end of the search box. Click on it and it will allow you to specify a URL or upload an image and it will look for related images to the url you typed in or similar to the pic you added. Good for finding a source!

I'm Feeling Lucky Button - takes you directly to the first search result instead of giving you a list. You can also change Lucky to other options.

In results list, clicking on the word images just belo search box takes you directly to images

Advanced search can be found under settings wheel on the right. It can be used in web searching instead of using search operators

Employ specialized search services

Google patent search

Google Books

Google Scholar

Google Now and Knowledge graph (instant answers)

The google search box is a calculator, a measuremnt convertor, a dictionary, a clock, a package traceker, an airline timetable, a street map atlas, a weatherman

Assembling Your Toolbox

Download and install Google Toolbar

subscribe to Google alerts

set your start page

buy a ref book on Google

Create a Google cheat sheet

Take the tutorial