Footprints International School

December Newsletter

Message from School Director

Dear Parents, Students and Community,

Welcome to the December addition to the Footprints International School newsletter. It is hard to believe that it is already December and time for our Winter Break. However, leading up to the end of the year many exciting events have happened here at the schools. During this time of year, it is always good to stop and reflect on giving to others. Additionally, to help send the students off to their holiday, each campus celebrated with games and parties.

During the past months we have watched your children grow not only in knowledge but academically as well. Our goal is to support each child to be successful and reach their full potentials. Each day we teacher Math, English, Social Studies, Science as well as a host of other subjects. However, we also empower our students to become Global Citizens and lifelong learners.

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As you can see, not only do we educate our students but also support them in building lifelong social skills. We as educators can change the world we live in. We have this amazing opportunity to work with each student who will be the leaders of our world in the future.

On January 7, 2020, Footprints International School will be welcoming a new Secondary Principal Dr. Stephen Ronzano. Dr. Stephen will be arriving from California in the United States. Dr. Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to assist in our efforts of providing the best education possible for the students.

Thank you for your support, your loyalty and being part of Footprints International School. Have a very enjoyable winter Break. I encourage you that during this season of giving, take the time to help others who are less fortunate. We value your dedication and support of your child’s learning community.

Happy Holidays!

Mr. Dwayne Lehman, School Director

Cambridge Assessment International Education Bali 2019

FIS Management attended a Cambridge conference in Bali from December 9 to 11, 2019 with the theme "Evaluating impact: How effective is our school and classroom practice?"

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On 09 December the Conference started with some Keynote speeches that were very informative and then it was break out time.

Some of the Break outs:

  • ECIS Child protection – An introduction to raising awareness in your school
  • Evaluating learning in practical lessons
  • How can teachers research their practice
  • Marketing to Parents/using our brand to benefit your school's success
  • Administering Cambridge exam
  • Going global; preparing your students for higher education overseas

December 10, contained more breakout sessions and a key note speaker ended the day. Some exhibitors and books were available with valuable information on all levels of Cambridge, Management and Motivation for teachers.

A lot of knowledge was gained, from administrating Cambridge exams to motivation of teachers and how to start a research community in your school situation.

The team came back motivated and ready to make changes.

Holiday Message from Ms. Joanne (CARE & SEN)

Dear FIS Family,

As we are about to welcome 2020, I would like to thank everyone for trusting and supporting us on educating your children. Thank you for building this community with us where we value belongingness and respect for one another. Looking back, I feel that there are a lot of things I should be grateful for this year. I am grateful for having the opportunity to witness the pride on each student’s face whenever they demonstrate their strengths and the joy whenever they achieve a milestone. I appreciate the success from our school events where parents and other organizations collaborate to promote Inclusion. It is always a pleasure to be part of professional development trainings to share knowledge and skills. My heart is full as I realize that our FIS CARE family is getting bigger. We are very excited to have our new students and welcome Teacher Ramon and Teacher Kunthea in our team!

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This holiday season, I and the whole FIS Team, wish everyone to have a joyful and meaningful time with your loved ones. Let us all look forward to having a happier and more exciting times together in the coming year!

All the best,

Ms. Joanne Duran,

CARE/SEN Principal

Holiday Message from Ms. Annebell (ECP TK Campus)

All too soon we have arrived to the Winter break and Christmas Season!

The first few months of our school year has held many opportunities for our students to grow; learn and also have fun doing it. As we are all going our different ways during this holiday season I would like you to take the following message with you:

For it is in giving that we receive

~Francis of Assisi~

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May you and your family have a Blessed Holiday season!

To the FIS ECP TK team, thank you for your dedication as a team to make our Campus a success. Enjoy your time with family this Holiday season and be safe until you return in January 2020.

To parents, we as a team look forward to welcome your child back in January 2020 for more excitement, play and learning.

Kind regards,

Ms. Annebell Van der Westhuizen

ECP Vice Principal

Kindergarten (ECP TK) Field Trip

December is a sure blast for Kindergarten pupils as they had their very first field trip in Kids Park Aeon 2, Sen Sok City. Bringing with them tons of excitement, energy and enthusiasm the Kindy B class travelled from TK Campus to the indoor playground, where they get to experience playing in a variety of interactive centers suitably built to cater the holistic needs of developing children.

The indoor play area is packed with different activities such as trampolines, ball pit, climbers, slides, blasters, and a kid-friendly obstacle course where they need to use their balancing skills to cross ropes and bridges. Surely, Kindy B class enjoyed this day of physical activities. This kind of out of the classroom activity doesn’t just allow these young learners to be healthy and fit, but it also expose them to an environment that helps them improve cognitively, emotionally, socially, and psychologically.

Kindergarten Field Trip (ECP TK)

Play-based learning is one of the highly suggested and proven strategies in educating young minds. Discovering new knowledge while boosting imagination and encouraging social interactions, learning through play is an effective and indeed a vital part of each child’s growth and development.

As we moved into the 21st Century learning styles, Early Childhood Programme continues to look for innovative ways on how to make learning fun, invigorating, and memorable.

Pre-K2A (ECP TK) Fieldtrip at Kids Park

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Pre-K1B (ECP TK) Field Trip to Global Art

On The 5th of December Pre K1B went on a trip to Global Art. Arts and crafts is very important for young children. For children aged 3 – 8 experts say it is the most important way to help them grow and develop. Children love to do Arts and crafts, and our students in Pre-K1B were no exception.

Holiday Message from Ms. Murshida (TNT2 Campus)

We have had an outstanding first term with many opportunities for our students to demonstrate their amazing learning journey. Thanks to all of the staff who have made these opportunities possible.

The last day for students prior to the winter break is Friday, December 20th. TNT2 campus will be organising end of Term1 showcase and class parties for our students, and then at 12:00pm it is home time.

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I wish everyone a wonderful winter break, holiday season, and best wishes for the New Year! I look forward to seeing you back on campus on January 8th 2020!


Ms. Murshida Asfar

ECP Vice Principal & HOC

Student Lead & Parent Teacher Conferences

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for attending ECP SLC (Student lead Conferences and Primary PTC (parent teacher conferences) and visit your child’s teacher to discuss the growth and achievement they have made in Term 1. What a joy it is to have such partnership and collaboration with each of you! I love that preschoolers had this opportunity to take ownership of their learning/performance and grow as leaders as they led through their conferences. Thank you for sharing your hope/dreams for this school year.

Once again thank you so much for all your valuable feedback!

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Holiday Message from Mr. Martin (BKK & BT Campus)

Dear Parents & Staff,

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our students, parents, caregivers and staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Coming from the UK, Christmas is a very important celebration and a time of year to get together with your family and spend priceless quality time together, some of my fondest memories are from this time of year. I would encourage our families to do the same during Winter Break; sit together and read a book, play a game, eat a meal together or watch a movie.

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I would like to also say a huge thank you for the support we have received from you all during this calendar year. Moving from one year to the next always brings the chance for a fresh start and resolutions; this year mine will be to be more “green” and reduce the impact I have on the environment. I was inspired by the STEM Fair that we visited with some of our students, where young people were making pledges of things they could do to help reduce plastic waste, reuse and recycle and to be kinder to our planet. Whatever your resolutions, I hope 2020 is happy and healthy for you and your family.

Kind regards,

Mr. Martin McGuiness

ECP Vice Principal

BKK & Baktouk Campus

BT Campus - Pre-K2 Field Trip at The Indonesian Embassy

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Holiday Message from Primary Management

Holiday Greetings!

Christmas time is here again and it is a chance to spend time with family and friends creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. We will be celebrating Christmas parties and games with the students at each campus on Friday 20 December, and then at 12:00pm it is home time.

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We hope that you all have a wonderful festive holiday and get a chance to spend some quality time with your beloved children.

On behalf of the Primary management team, I would like to wish all of our Footprints families a merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year when all the hard work starts again!

Kind regards,

Grade 5 Field Trip: BlueO Bowling

This month both grade 5 classes at TK campus went on a field trip to BluO Bowling in Aeon Mall Sen Sok. During the trip, students were able to see and experience forces and their effects on everyday objects in real-world situations. It provided students with hands-on activities, giving them an opportunity to experiment with how different forces cause objects to move. Additionally, students had the opportunity to further understand how the muscular system allows the human body to move while participating in this fun physical activity.

International Human Rights Soccer Tournament

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Primary Parent Teacher Conferences

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This month some of our teachers took part in the Phnom Penh Players production of Cinderella! at the department of performing arts. Pantomime is a musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment and is a long standing Christmas tradition in the UK. This production was a pantomime version of the classic children’s fairytale, Cinderella. The performances lasted for three days and were a great success, being enjoyed by both parents and children alike with all of the proceeds being donated to the charity Children in Families.

Below are the Footprints International School staff members and students who were part of the production.

Mr. Arttu - Fairy Godmother

Ms. Lynda - Chorus

Ms. Rose - Chorus

Charlotte G8 TK - Chorus

Ms. Maria Bruno - Stage Manager

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Holiday Message from Mr. Dara (TTP Campus)

Hello FIS Family,

Seasons come, Seasons go! For the course of hard work and challenges comes a relaxing time. Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, through the school values, our teachers, students, staff, management team, and parents alike have strived all the best to reach the shared goals, the goal of making our students become critical thinkers, knowledgeable and academic inquirers, confident communicators, open-minded and caring citizens, balanced and reflective individuals, and principled risk-takers.

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Besides the classroom learning activities, a lot of things have been done to achieve the goals, including field trips, experiments, community services, career development assembly, DEAR day, Halloween celebration, staff appreciation, coffee with principals, Fire Drill, PTC, etc. Parents and communities have also been actively involved and endlessly supported those activities.

In this regard, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone and appreciate all the accomplishments. We believe that the upcoming winter break holiday will help you get refreshed. May you have a safe travelling and enjoy with family.

We wish you happiness, love, peace, and prosperity, not just this holiday, but for the entire year!

Have a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Mr. Dara Pring,

Khmer Principal/TTP Head of Campus

Welcoming the New Staff of Secondary

As we welcome 2020, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May this year bring us new happiness, prosperity, inspirations, new goals, and achievements. On behalf of the Secondary team, I would like to express my warmest welcome and excitement to the new staff that will be joining us this Second Semester, S.Y 2019-2020.

As we enter Second Semester there will be few changes in the Secondary Department schedule. Art class will be offered to grade 6-8 as well as grade 10 and 11, in addition to their current electives. PE elective and YouTube fundamentals will be offered to grade 10 -11 aside from their current debate/public speaking electives


Ms. Juna Bulahao,

Secondary Vice Principal

Grade A Students for Khmer Program

Congratulations to all grade A students!

You have done an excellent job for almost five months of this school year. We really appreciate all your hard work and achievements. It has already been two times that we awarded Certificates of Appreciation to Khmer Program students whose scores were in category “A” for the best classroom performance and Khmer language word dictation. For the best classroom performance, we award students from Primary to Secondary level, but for Khmer language word dictation, we only do at the Primary level.

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For the first time awarding, we had 132 students across campuses, which was around 20%, receiving the Certificates of Appreciation for the best classroom performance, and 120 students, which was 23.34%, receiving the Certificates of Appreciation for the best Khmer language word dictation. For the second time, the number of students granted the Certificate of Appreciation for the best classroom performance moved up to 22.70% while the number of students granted the Certificate of Appreciation for Khmer language word dictation also increased to 36.38%.

The increased number of students in the category “A” from one time to another indicated the valuable result from everyone’s continuous hard work and commitment. We would encourage all of you to keep striving for further success together. We wish you all to have a great upcoming holiday.

Khmer Professional Development

December is the fourth Professional Development (PD) for Khmer Program teachers, especially for the Primary level. It is conducted one Saturday per month.

As our students learn two programs, International and Khmer Programs, they need similar learning strategies or techniques from both programs to boost the subject interaction and their engagement. Therefore, our Khmer Program teachers have been trained to balance the teaching styles from the local and international contexts since the beginning of the school year. For example, they have been trained on “5 ways to develop meta-cognition in your classroom” written by Dr. Tony Cotton who more recently worked with the Ministry of Education in Macedonia to develop and implement a new curriculum based on the Cambridge International Curriculum. The method guides teachers to help students develop the skills to understand what effective learning looks like and how they learn best.

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On Saturday last week, our teachers were trained on the Learning Pyramid from National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine. The pyramid showed the percentage of effectiveness of 7 teaching techniques which are Lecturing, Reading, Audio-Visual, Demonstration, Discussion Group, Practice by Doing, and Teach Others/ Immediate Use from the experimental research. This helps teachers be aware of what teaching technique they should use and the rationale behind it.

Moreover, our teachers have been introduced to the Google Classroom, which is part of our goals to make Footprints International School become a Google school for the 21st century education.

Footprints International School

Mission: FIS empowers our learners to discover their potential in a nurturing environment through innovative instruction, challenging and collaborative activities, and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Vision: A community of responsible, determined, and compassionate learners who make meaningful contributions to humanity.

Values: Compassion, Determination, Responsibility