Black Death History

by Richard Bolton


People say that that the black death was the most catastrophic event in history. People have also said that the black death had the most deaths in history from desizes. We are going to learn how the black death started.

how the black death began?

People have been saying pollution and natural causes started the black death. The black death virus didn't affect the flies. So when the flies got on animals they would go to the town. By the time the animal hosts died the flies had to find a new host. Then there new host was people. When people would cough or sneeze they would infect others.

How did the black death spread?

The black stated spreading when the people that was infected would cough a sneeze would get the people infected. so people that weren't infected they try to escape by boat. the animals that were infected got on the boat. so when the animals died the flies got to the people on the the time theygo to land half of the crow was died. The people on the land were going to help them but got infected and it spread across the world.