Math II Weekly Update

Week of March 9, 2015

Wrapping up Geometry!

This week, students will complete Unit 4, our last unit dealing directly with Geometry. Students will take a test over applications of Surface Area, Lateral Area and Volume on tomorrow, Tuesday March 9. The end of Unit 4 signals another chance for students to (almost) start fresh. Our next unit moves into Algebra topics and starts slowly with a review of Math I topics.

Hard At Work

Good Things

Last week was our first full week of classes after having 2 weeks with snow days. Good study habits and focus win out in these situations, where it is easy to forget lessons in between class sessions. This week's "shout outs" go to Justin W., Jacob V., Brandon S. and Myriah M. for good work habits in class. Please join me in giving them kudos!

Upcoming Dates

Unit 4 Test - Tuesday, March 10

Mini-Project Due Date - Friday, March 13

Unit 5 Quiz - Friday, March 13

Unit 5 Test - Tuesday or Wednesday March 18 or 19 (to be announced)

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