A Caste System And Reincarnation

By: Alyssa Brannon-Carr

Have you ever thought about you soul being reborn in to another living thing?

Hindus believed that their souls could be reincarnated to move up their caste.

The caste system is were Hindus are stuck in their part of society based on their parents job or caste. There are some pros and cons to this system to have good karma instead of bad karma,so you can move up.

What is the Caste System?

The caste system is the grouping of people based on their: birth,wealth,or occupation.

This determined their place in society, but this dose not have to be permanent. The person can be reincarnated into a higher or lower caste.

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the rebirth of your soul into another living thing. It was all based on your karma, Karma is your actions. If you had good karma,you would move up the caste, but if you had bad karma, you would move down the caste. You are trying to reach Brahman, which is at the top of the caste system, so your soul can be on with the god, Brahma. If you don't reach Brahman before you die then you must keep being reborn and have good karma until you do reach Brahma.

What is the Cause and effect of the caste system/Reincarnation?

If your reincarnated you want to move up and reach Brahman,But if you move down then you want to try to get good karma, to reach Brahman because Brahman is the place of peace. Also if you became an untouchable then you can not be reincarnated and you are an outcaste so others can't talk to you,but if they do make any contact with you then they become an untouchable. If an untouchables shadow comes across you, you have to bathe.
So if you have thought about you'r soul being reincarnated maybe this has summed it up for you. Do you like the idea? or do you not like the idea? Of your soul being reincarnated into another living thing. It is all about what you want to choose to believe in reincarnation or not.