The Jumanos

The Tribe of Texas

Where did they live?

The Jumano's lived along the Rio Grande, they were also puebloan's that lived north and south modern day El Paso.

How did they live?

They were Puebloan, so they lived in a puebloan style of villages. There houses were adobe style of houses which were made of wet mud then sun dried to make a solid sort of house.

Hunting and Food

The Jumano tribe eat a variety of different foods like fruits vegetables and meat. They mostly eat corn, dried squash, beans, buffalo products, and cactus fruit.The Jumanos used spears and bow and arrows to hunt too!

Intersting facts!

The culture of Jumano thrived from 1500 to 1700, they had group leaders to lead there group also.During painting and harvesting the had special ceremonies to celebrate the food.